Tim Redmond

There’s a big difference between teaching and training. One gives you information. The other transforms your life. –Tim Redmond

Transformation Specialist

Tim is a specialist in bringing transformation to your life and your organization through his life-changing seminars. During his interactive, entertaining, and deeply thought-provoking seminars, you experience a shift in your thinking, you feel more empowered to be and do, and you are motivated take distinct actions that change your results.

Energize Your Team

Invite Tim to your business conference, trade association meeting, or church to bring transformation to you and your people through the following seminars:
Unlock Your Creativity for even the roughest problems
Top Growth Strategies for Today’s Economy
Unleashing Your Unique Power to Create
Transform Leaders Now – Creating A Winning Culture that Develops Leaders
Essential Keys to Sell Your Business for Maximum Price

Customized Training

TIm is passionate about delivering training solutions that meet your organization’s needs. Please call our office to set a time to speak with Tim about offering a life-changing seminar for your organization.

Some of Tim’s specialities include:

  • Resolving conflicts
  • Building effective teams that achieve massive results
  • Leading from the power of the heart
  • Planning / goal achieving
  • Wealth creation strategies and mindsets
  • Creating clarity, confidence and alignment so that individuals and organizations are fully engaged and highly productive