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Hi there!

This event is all about helping you learn some of the strategies you can use to start hitting $100k+ months and finally step out of the field for good.

On Day 1 (5-7pm CT), we’re going to show you:

  1. How to increase your pricing without losing any clients – it REALLY works.
  2. How to expand your sales through our Capacity Business Model (it will change how you look at your business immediately).
  3. How to easily and massively create FREE leads (instead of overpaying for bad leads).

On Day 2 (5-7pm CT), you’ll learn how to implement:

  1. The most effective paid leads strategy that will give you much better leads and much lower costs.
  2. A high conversion website generates high quality leads and mistakes that shuts down lead generation.
  3. Building a great team by using a unique approach to finding, hiring and training solid staff that is highly productive.

And that’s just a few things we’ll cover that grows your business AND your profits.

But the point is…

It’s going to be an implementation-based event,

No hype or fluff on either day.

It’ll be showing you the proven strategies hundreds of other contractors have used to apply in YOUR business,

To get on track to become a Wealthy Contractor!

Make sense?


Now here’s the thing.

We want everyone who joins this workshop to get results.

Including you.


1– It’s more case studies for us

And 2 – It sets you on track to start seeing real dollar results so we can earn your trust and hopefully get you to invest in our paid stuff.


You’ll get to know how to finally start hitting consistent $100k+ months (and be on your way to stepping out of the field for good)…

So it’s really a win-win.


In order for this to work,

We need everyone who attends to be serious about showing up on both days

AND about doing the work.

To do that, we need to filter the serious ones from the non-serious ones.

We’re not going to ask you to invest any money,

But we are going to need your “verbal confirmation” that you’ll show up & do the work.

So in order to attend this 2-day event & start consistently hitting $100k+ months with our system,

You just need to set up a short, 10-minute “verbal confirmation” with one of our community managers.

It’s not a sales call – we won’t try to sell you anything.

On that call – you’ll just give your verbal “yes” to showing up & doing the work,

And then we will give you the link for both days of the workshop!

And that’s it!

So if you want to start consistently hitting $100k+ months with our systems,

And you’re serious about showing up & doing the work,

Then pick a time for your 10-min, “verbal confirmation” call here”: