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The Master Business Consultant : Tulsa Consultants

This content is written for Redmond Growth Consulting

Business is such a difficult game. When you’re trying to manage your life and your business, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the dysfunction. Things can become overwhelming easily and you quickly begin to feel like your life is more and more stressed. That’s why you need a consultant and expert coach to help you make decisions in your business. If you feel overwhelmed, you need a proven leader to help you strategize and maximize your potential. Give Redmond Growth Initiatives a call at 918-361-3047 and experience the effects of the Master business consultant.

Tim Redmond, CEO of Redmond Growth Initiatives, should really be considered the expert business consultant among all Tulsa consultants. He has built many businesses and has helped organizations both large and small. Perhaps you have a business under $1 million, or even a business over $10 million, Tim Redmond can help you no matter where you’re at right now. Tim co-founded a tax accounting software firm and grew it from two employees to over 400 employees. His decades of business experience has given him the knowledge required to be considered a master business consultant.
Tim Redmond has been helping all sorts of businesses over the decades. He has working nearly every single industry out there. All this experience has equipped him and his team to be able to be the best Tulsa consultants. Tim thinks of himself not only as a consultant, but as a mentor, and a business coach. The other consulting firms out there offer outdated strategies that don’t really grow your business; these consulting firms don’t take the personal approach and analyzing your business. The reason why Tim Redmond is best among any Tulsa consultants is because he’ll first work to understand you, the business owner, and then begin to understand your business.

After establishing a personal relationship and good rapport, Tim will then evaluate your business with you to identify the major areas where you need to dedicate the most attention. He’ll then developed proven processes and systems that will help strengthen these weak areas. He’ll even help you manage your team better. Team management is one of the most difficult areas in running a business. Tim has ran businesses with hundreds of employees and he knows what it takes to be an effective leader. You need a healthy dose of inspiration in your business, Tim has years of motivational speaking experience. After just one message, you’ll notice that your team works much harder as much more motivated to accomplishing your business goals.

If you’re ready to grow your business, then call Tim Redmond now. He would love to work with you no matter what kind of business you have. You may think that your business is beyond saving, but Tim loves bringing order to chaos. Tim can really help you right now. Pick up the phone today and call Tim at 918-361-3047 to receive the master business consultant experience.

Wow Your Customers : Tulsa Consultants

This content is written for Redmond Growth Consulting

As a business owner, you owe it to your customers to provide the highest quality services or products. Providing the highest quality services or products will enable you to retain your current customers and bring in new customers. You’ll quickly find that your current customers refer you out and bring you more business. The thing is, many entrepreneurs and business owners struggle to provide the highest quality. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind of the business that they lose sight of providing the best for their customers. Happens time and time again whether customers lose interest and begin to do their business elsewhere. This is why you need a consultant to help you while your customers every time. Call Tim Redmond and 918-361-3047 and he’ll show you how to wow your customers.

With there being so many Tulsa consultants, how can you know which one is the best? It all comes down to which consulting firm is able to optimize your business to bring the highest value for your customers. Many other consulting firms help you with your marketing, your finances, your branding, but they aren’t actually helping you wow your customers. Tim Redmond operates on the philosophy of the wow factor. He’ll show you quickly how to bring the highest quality services or products to your customers that will make them say “wow!”

The first area Tim will focus on is your time management. Because it’s so easy to get lost in the chaos of your business, it’s common for entrepreneurs to feel like they don’t have time. When entrepreneurs stop having control their time, they stop having success with their customers. Tim Redmond is an expert in time management. He’ll show you the various time management strategies that allow you to bring more value to your customers. Even after your first session, he’ll show you the best ways to optimize your time so that you are able to focus on what matters the most.

After focusing on your time, Tim will then help you make your processes and systems more efficient. Business is all about having effective systems and processes; it truly is the backbone of the business. Tim will help you develop effective system that will maximize the quality of your services or products. He and his team of Tulsa consultants will provide valuable insight to allow you to structure your systems better. After your systems are implemented, you will quickly find that you’re able to offer more for your customers.

Tim and his team are the elite Tulsa consultants. They know what it takes to successfully grow a business and manage your team better. They will show you how to focus on time management to free you up from the stress of running a business. They will then help you create processes and systems to ensure that you are delivering the best your customers. This will maximize your revenue and increase your profits. Call Tim Redmond today at 918-361-3047 and bring the wow factor to your customers.

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