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[00:00:00] If you’re looking for growth consulting in Tulsa make sure you’re choosing Redmon growth consulting. You can check them out on Facebook Twitter or Instagram and you can also check out reviews written by actual customers on Google if you’d like to contact them directly. [16.3]
[00:00:16] Give them a call at 9 1 8 3 6 1 3 0 4 7 regimin growth Consulting has some of the best Tulsa consultants in the leader at the helm of this entire group is renowned Tulsa consultant Tim Redmond. He is very compassionate and also very knowledgeable when it comes to business coaching. He’s one of the best Tulsa consultants and he can help you grow your business and really take your life to the next level. Tim Redmond has developed a really innovative strategic coaching process and he wants to connect with you today so if you’re looking for Tulsa consultants I would encourage you to reach out to Redmen Rose consulting today. [43.1]
[00:01:01] If you’re an entrepreneur or you have come up with a product that you’re selling. Sometimes you won’t have the necessary skills to manage your cash flow. And that is something that you can learn if you go to classes or go to college for. But you can also learn from Redmon growth consulting. They’ve helped many companies to have a better cash flow and systems in place in order to have profitable growth. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level make sure that you are choosing Rugman growth consulting to help you with your cash flow issues. [35.5]
[00:01:37] Tim Redmond is a very successful business consultant and his expertise really is based from all of the experiences in his own life and his life is really like helped him become one of the best Tulsa consultants from birth. He had to overcome you know a like a disability had some challenges he struggled with a handicap. I would say from birth he was in an automobile accident. He you know his brother was it was in that accident and passed away. Tim had to fight to come back from the brink of death after that accident. His story is really amazing. And as he went on through college and into his professional career he was able to work with price PricewaterhouseCoopers which was one of the world’s largest consulting firms. He’s been a part of startup companies and he built a company and took it from two employees to over 400 employees. It was one of the top companies in America and it generated over 1 100 million dollars. And so he was able to sell that and that was that you know the height of his career. So what’s great about Tim Redmon and the Tulsa consultants over at Redmon of growth consulting is that they have this vast experience this collective experience from life experiences to work experiences. And Tim Redmond is one of the most experienced Tulsa consultants around and he’s been able to help entrepreneurs build successful multimillion dollar businesses and he can do the same for you too. [1:33.4]
[00:03:12] He also does a great job of helping you to get systems in place in order for you to be more productive when you start a business. You’re largely spending your time on working in the business as you don’t start out with an all star team. You’ll be spending a lot of time in your business. But what Redmon growth consulting can do for you is help transition out of working in your business and help you to free up more time to work on your business. As you work on your business. You can perfect systems and you can eliminate errors that are costly and wasteful of your time and it can help you to get to the next level faster with Redmond growth consulting. Their goal is to get you to the next level as quickly as possible so give them a call today to get started at 9 1 8 3 6 1 3 0 4 7 [50.7]

He’s a wonderful guy. You can see the about us on this page here. You know and also see saying he is as well his wife. So you know a great way to be able to. As I said just check out all of the great things he has to offer here at Ramamurthy as the CEO. And it really has been designed to help grow profits and that’s what has set it apart as the best business consultants Tulsa has to offer. So any time you do want to find the best business consultants Tulsa has to offer you want to come right here. To Redmen growth dot and get to the About Us page and check out Tim. He’s also got some great stuff as featured on Channel 8 where he has talked about. You know being a motivational speaker and what he’s been through after working his way through college he earned his CPA and joined PricewaterhouseCoopers one of the world’s largest consulting firms. He then joined a small startup software company. Over the course of 15 years Tim to help build it from two to over 400 employees becoming one of the top tax and accounting software companies in America generating $100 million in pretax profits. But the sale of the to a Fortune 1000 company. Tim then became actively involved in several other operations as well and those operations and that experience has given him the ability to be able to consider himself the best consult business consultant here in the Tulsa area.

So please if you have any questions or you want to check out some of the stuff he has done for people here you can check out Redmon growth dot com or call 9 1 8 3 6 1 3 0 4 7 read growth consulting folks. Number one place for the best consultants the best business consultants. Tulsa has to offer. Right here at your fingertips.

Do you want to find the best business consultants Tulsa has to offer. Well look no further than right here at Redmond and growth consulting where they really do have the best business consultants to also has to offer. They have been working at being business consultants for a number of different years now and Tim Redmond the CEO has. A number of adventurous years and is honored to raise you know for above average children. Matthew Robert Joshua and Andrea so you know great guy. Been married for a number of years and you know he has true values. He’s fascinated with the process of growing business and organizations he loves working with CEOs business owners and other leaders to expand their thinking vision his skills and the capacity to build high performance teams around profitable ideas. He says Tim’s greatest ability is identifying and removing the core constraint that hinders progress in creating key drivers that lead to significant growth. He worked closely with the CEO or business owner and their team to incorporate their need changes smoothly and effectively based on the powerful results he achieves. Tim has become an in-demand business and conference speaker internationally offering everything from one on one training to conference keynote So anything you need. Business wise and the questions you have. This is the guy to talk to. He also combines years of intense study of biblical growth principles with practical stress strategies and counsel to accelerate businesses and individuals toward growth. So you’re not only going to grow and grow in your business you’re going to grow as an individual because you’re going to understand how to better.

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