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Tulsa Business Consulting : Tulsa Growth
This Content is for Tim Redmond

Tim Redmond is the founder and CEO of Redmond growth. Having had to overcome many times as an early age, Mr. Redmond has taken the initiative to create an innovative coaching process. Reagan consultants power seven stage coaching process great the biggest increase in growth in the shortest amount of time. But don’t take our word for it you can see us featured on CNBC, the new Times, the Washington Post, Bloomberg magazine, and talking Fox news respectively. For more about Tulsa Business Consulting, and Redmond consulting, please call us at 918-298-7766.

Upon meeting with each initial client, Redmond growth needs one-on-one to give you an initial evaluation. This evaluation includes and is not limited to a nine point Google compliance test. As well as an assessment on areas your business excels at, and areas your business may need to work on. We here at Bregman growth believe in candor, therefore we will be honest and open on areas that we can improve on. This is a vital part of business growth and we believe this wholeheartedly in our culture.

Tulsa Business Consulting can be custom fit your needs. Looking in initial appointment for an assessment that fits your hectic schedule. In talking about candor, 80% of businesses fail in the first two years. My solution’s problem is an experienced guide. I have tried and failed many ways in business and I also exceeded expectations numerous times. With this guide, this assessment, and my business coaching failure is not an option. If one-on-one sessions are not fit for you we also offer a DVD collection box set that outlines all of the services and pathways that I offer a Redmond growth.

Redmond growth consulting offers first and foremost, accountability. Without accountability no one and nothing improves and nothing gets done. With Redmond growth consulting as well as experienced guide leading you through the treacherous pathways that his business, you will receive accountability to make sure that everyone hits their mark especially you. Even with the DVD box set, the accountability checklist that are there you see to follow and vital to your business’s success. For without accountability how to know if anyone stop is getting done?

To recap, the benefits when working with Redmond growth consulting including experienced guide through the ins and outs of business. Accountability, for your employees and for yourself to make sure everyone has their mark on time in the right way. An initial one-on-one coaching session highlighting areas your business does well. As well as giving candor to the table, and being open and honest some areas we can improve. In other words being the bad guy so you don’t have to when it comes to things that can get better within your business. So if you’re looking for Tulsa Business Consulting, look no further than Redmond consulting group if you have any questions are interested at all in working with us please contact us at 918-298-7766.

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