The Absolute Best in Business Growth.

This content was written for Tim Redmond.

The Absolute Best in Business Growth.

Statistics say that 80% of businesses will fail within the first two years. They also say that the businesses that do make it past two years usually never again the proper momentum to fulfill its original purpose. As a Tulsa business owner how can you make sure that you are in the 20% instead of the 80%? Tim Redmond can show you how to not only help your business survive, but thrive in exceed its overall expectations. Find out how to get the Tulsa business consulting services of Tim Redmond today by visiting his website at

When it comes to business consulting and coaching Tulsa says that Tim Redmond is the absolute best in the business. Tim Redmond is a very accomplished motivational speaker, best-selling author, as well as business and profit growth specialist. Tim Redmond has been working in business growth for over 25 years and has gained the most knowledge and experience in his field. He is mostly known for growing a to employee business into a fully thriving 400 multimillion dollar business. He is responsible for making this company over $100 million in new profits as well.

Tim Redmond started his career in consulting and has since then earned the reputation as being the best guy to time to for business growth and profit increase. Tim Redmond simply helps business owners and leaders by coaching them on how to promote tremendous business growth, explode their profits, and generally enrich their lives with his proven coaching system. Tim Redmond does this through his founded company, called Redmond Growth Initiatives. Tim Redmond designed this company so that he could coach business leaders on how to tremendously increase their profits and set the business of pain massive growth. No more being worried about cash flow issues, or a lack of the right systems to help your business grow.

Tim Redmond’s Tulsa business consulting services will have you working on your business to promote growth and bring in massive profits, instead of working in your business. That your employees work in your business while you work on growing it in fulfilling its original purpose. Tap into Tim Redmond’s expertise and experience to get your business to its next level of growth. You want your business to continue to gain momentum so that you can navigate easily through challenging times and fulfill your ultimate goals and dreams. There are challenging obstacles that most businesses do not make it through the Tim Redmond can show you how to survive, thrive, and emerged victoriously.

If you are in the Tulsa area and are looking to grow your business and profits in you should definitely be utilizing the Tulsa business consulting services provided by Tim Redmond. He is the most qualified person to show to coach you into proper positive business growth. He has built a great reputation as being the best of the best and he wants to continue by shine you how to put your business at the top of its industry and make you an industry leader. Nothing makes him happier than helping other people fulfill their ultimate dreams and goals. Find out more about how to get your business booming right away by visiting his website at

This content was written for Tim Redmond.

Your Ultimate Business Consultant and Coach

And if you are a Tulsa business owner, how likely is it that you will be in the 20% of businesses that don’t fail within the first two years? Are you educated on how to promote business growth and increase your profits, as you make it through challenging business times that often shut businesses down? Are you sure you possess the proper resources and tools they can make sure that your business continues to gain momentum and grow? Business and profit growth specialist Tim Redmond can make sure that you can answer all of these questions with a smile. Find out how to hire him and receive his great Tulsa business consulting services by visiting his website at

Tim Redmond is a best-selling author, very accomplished motivational speaker, business growth and profit specialist, and the founder and CEO of Redmond Growth Initiatives. Tim Redmond designed Redmond Growth Initiatives to specifically train, business leaders and owners on how to build their business, promote positive growth, increase their profits, and enrich their everyday lives. Tim Redmond is great at helping business leaders transform their thinking to a “can-do” perspective that will empower them in business in everyday life. You may have seen some of his clients and Fox News, CNBC, or Read about them in The New York Times or The Washington Post. Tim Redmond helps business leaders, and owners worldwide.

Tim Redmond works daily to show his clients ways to significantly develop their leadership skills, decision-making skills, planning skills, and teambuilding skills. He also humbles himself and becomes his clients, accountability partner to help them stay focused in being the best and most they can be for their business. As the business owner or leader you should be working on your business and making it grow and increase profits instead of literally working in your business. Tim Redmond is the most experienced in building multimillion dollar businesses as he is known for taking a to employee business to multimillion dollar status with over 400 employees. He also help this particular company raise over $400 million in profits.

His intense study of wealth and business growth principles in his 25 years of business growth experienced have earned him the reputation as being America’s top business growth coach. Tulsa business consulting and coaching is led by Tim Redmond as he continues to help Tulsa’s business owners and leaders to rise to the top. Tim Redmond knows that you always want to find a way to get your business to the top of his industry and ultimately become an industry leader. Tim Redmond will make sure you have the tools and resources to promote positive business growth and start a tremendous increase in overall cash flow and profits. He also shows you how to do this in a short amount of time while receiving huge results.

Tim Redmond has been where you are in business many times and has overcome several life challenges. He uses his business and life experiences in various amazing life adventures to entertainingly coach his clients on business growth and profit increase. There is no better coach or consultant for you. When it comes to business in the Tulsa area. Let Tim Redmond help you in your business survive, thrive, and continue to gain momentum in profits. Find out more about Tim Redmond in his great services by visiting his website today at

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