Ideal Business Consulting Firm

Ideal Business Consulting Firm

This content was written for Tim Redmond

One of the biggest issues we see when it comes to Tulsa business consulting is people either hiring the cheapest business consultant or hiring the most expensive business consultant. Instead, what people need to be doing is regardless of price hiring the best business consultant for them. Too often people are caught up in the cost of something. Well, when you’re talking about business consulting you need to be thinking more along the lines of an investment. An investment in yourself and your business that should pay for itself after the first few months if you pick the right firm. This is why at Redmond Growth Consulting they focus on the deliverables and the results and less on the price of admission for their top-of-the-line consulting programs. You can give them a call at 918-361-3047 to schedule your business assessment.

Some companies go out and hire the most expensive Tulsa business consulting company simply because they think that by investing so much money in a company that company must be good. Not always the case. However, even if that company is extremely good, it may not be the best fit for them. This is something that as you’re getting ready to hire a business consultant you want to take into account. Not only are they good but, are they the best for you and what you need. If you are a small business and the company you hire mostly handles only Fortune 500 companies they may not be the best fit for you at your current stage of your business.

On the flip side, maybe you are a fast growth company and you want an organization that knows how and has handled Fortune 500 companies in the past. However, many companies in the Tulsa business consulting space don’t truly understand how to build specific companies of specific sizes. You need to make sure that you hire a Tulsa business consulting company who knows exactly how to handle your current size business and take you to where you want to go.

Too frequently a company hires a business consulting company that isn’t the one that’s going to know best how to handle their situation and improve the quality of life of everybody involved. Furthermore, they don’t know how to take that specific company in their current growth cycle to the next level. One consulting firm may be really good at startups but, if you are not a startup, they don’t know how to maintain and continue to grow your company. Vice a Versa you may have a company that’s very good at implementing processes and systems and taking a company out of the startup phase and into a sustainable business. These guys may not be good at dealing with a startup company.

Tim Redmond at Redmond Growth Consulting has taken companies from startup to millions of dollars in sales. He has worked with companies who have grown stale and stagnant and reinvigorated them with growth. He has worked with just about every size and shape of company you can imagine increasing the bottom line. To contact Tim call 918-361-3047.

Business Consulting Services

This content was written for Tim Redmond

Tulsa business consulting is one of those areas that can get muddy really fast. You have every Tom, Dick, and Harry hanging up there shingle saying that they are a business consultant. Now, if you run your own business, then this can be a dangerous road to tread. You want to make sure that when you hire a business consultant, it is somebody that you know without a doubt can help you. This is because you are putting your faith and your resources both time and financial into executing the plan of this consultant. If this consultant’s plans do not pan out for you, you’re going to be in a heap of trouble.  To ensure you don’t end up in this situation give Tim Redmond Million Dollar Coach a call at 918-361-3047.

Many business coaches talk about strategy but forget about implementation. Tim Redmond, on the other hand, wants to ensure that after you work on strategic planning, you implement specific steps that will increase your bottom line. This is through increasing sales and improving your marketing. As you know, marketing and sales are the lifeblood of any business. Without these two things hitting on all cylinders you’ll never be able to reach the full potential of your business. Tim wants to ensure that he helps you execute precisely on the specific things that you need to, to increase both your sales and marketing effectiveness.

Many business owners forget to take the 10,000-foot view of their business. They are too busy working in the business and not seeing the forest for the trees. There’s a little story called acres of diamonds. Tim is going to help you figure out your acres of diamonds. The gold or the diamonds, in this case, that are living right under your nose that you haven’t been able to see it. Tim wants to make sure that you capitalize on everything that you can capitalize on.

As a business owner and entrepreneur you probably already know this, but staffing and human capital are two of the hardest areas to manage when it comes to growing a business. Not only do you have to attract top-quality talent in the first place but, then you have to train them, and then you have to make sure they stick around. In Tim Redmond’s Tulsa business consulting program he will ensure that you are able to attract top talent, develop them to their optimal productivity, and then ensure that you retain them for a significant amount of time.

To get the best Tulsa business consulting program to increase your profits, decrease your expenses, and increase your quality of life contact Tim Redmond at 918-361-3047. He will sit down with you in a business assessment in which he goes over every single part of your business to ensure that he knows exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are. Then you will have a discussion about the opportunity available to you with proper implementation and proper consulting.  This will be an eye-opening experience for you.

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