Boost Your Business’ Cash Flow Dramatically.

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Boost Your Business’ Cash Flow Dramatically.

Are you an ambitious Tulsa business owner or entrepreneur and eagerly looking for new ways to boost your profits? Do you feel like you have great product but lack the right systems to bring in more customer traffic and increase profits? Have you been doing with a lack of new funding sources and and setbacks from cash flow issues? Business makeover specialist, best-selling author, and motivational speaker Tim Redmond can absolutely help you boost your business to its full potential and success. Find out more about his great Tulsa business consulting and coaching services at

Tim Redmond is known as Tulsa’s number one business and profit growth coach and consultant. He has built a great reputation over the years helping several businesses grow to multimillion dollar corporations. The strategies that he coaches to his clients are the same strategies he used to grow a company from two employees to over 400 employees and overturn a new $100 million profit for the business. It’s time to stop spinning your wheels by doing it all alone and buy-in to Tim Redmond’s expertise and experience that can help you grow your business to the next level. Through his coaching and consulting you will have ultimately turn your business into a powerful venue to serve its initial purpose.

Tim Redmond serves as his clients’ accountability partner in helping them focus on their ultimate goal and soul purpose of boosting cash flow and profits. Tim Redmond can teach you how to significantly develop your teambuilding skills, decision-making, planning, and leadership skills with his extensive and innovative Tulsa business consulting and coaching process. He offers these services through his company, called Redmond Growth Initiatives, which is designed to help his clients grow their profits, businesses, and general lives. Tim Redmond also works in developing countries to help them reach, restore, and release their leaders to help their countries, communities, and organizations reach their full growth and potential. Tim Redmond has over 25 years of experience in growing multimillion dollar organizations and businesses, helping them bring powerful and positive change.

Tim Redmond specializes in topics of rapid growth strategies and mindsets, living a life of significance and balance, and building top performance teams while he uses his insightful, innovative, and most entertaining training approach. Tim Redmond believes that leadership is bringing out the unique greatness in others, and believes that the biggest crisis in the world is actually simply a leadership crisis. Tim Redmond is president of the Redmond Leadership Institute, which focuses specifically on leadership in organizations, communities, and countries. Tim Redmond is America’s top business growth coaching consultant due to his intense study of wealth and business growth principles over the years. Offering great results in a very short amount of time he takes a unique approach to executive coaching, training and team development, and much more.

Becoming the most talented, best-selling author, motivational speaker, and business makeover and profit growth specialist, Tim Redmond has become the best in strengthening and expanding the leadership and wealth creation capacities in leaders and teams across the world. There is no better person then Tim Redmond, when it comes to training, consulting, and coaching, pastors, educators, business leaders, and government leaders to be the best they can be in business and ultimately boost their growth and profits. He simply has a passion to unlock and release the full greatness in people and their specific businesses, organizations. He’s always ready to help a new organization and promote positive growth and create wealth. Find out how you can receive these great Tulsa business consulting services from Tim Redmond at

This content was written for Tim Redmond.

Your Way to Boost Business Growth.

Are you a business owner or leader in Tulsa and can’t seem to get your profits where you want them to be? Are you lacking the specific systems and tools needed to effectively boost your business growth? Are you serious and ready to do what it takes to promote a rapid growth in your customer traffic and profits? If so, you should utilize the Tulsa business consulting services provided by Tim Redmond. He is the most experienced business makeover and growth specialist, best-selling author, and motivational speaker in the Tulsa area. Find out more about Tim Redmond and his great services by visiting today.

Tim Redmond is the founder and CEO of Redmond Growth Initiatives which is a business and profit growth and coaching firm. He also developed the Redmond Leadership Institute where he focuses on teaching leadership in developing countries to help build their specific organizations, communities, and countries as well. He is the most knowledgeable at leadership, creative problem-solving, and concepts that build great organizations. Tim Redmond is also a best-selling author, writing several books including the popular “The Power to Create”. Tim Redmond is a very power motivational speaker known for some of his popular topics like “Create If Effective Leaders at All Levels of Your Organization”, and “The Most Effective Mindset to Time Management.”

Tim Redmond travels the world yearly consulting with and coaching thousands of leaders and traveling thousands of miles. Tim Redmond has spread his business and profit growth strategies and coaching to other countries that include Brazil, Peru, Honduras, Colombia, Argentina, and Central America as well. Tim Redmond is the very best in training, corporate leaders on how to develop strategic planning processes, use direct mail, and many planning, sales, and marketing techniques to help boost their business. Tim Redmond provides his clients with a health assessment of their business, identification of areas of growth and savings, and a roadmap to get to their specific business growth goals and achieve success. It is a proven fact that 80% of businesses fail within the first two years, but Tim Redmond can show you very effective ways to thrive and excessively boost your business into its full potential with his Tulsa, business consulting services.

With over 25 years of business growth experience, Tim Redmond coaches leaders to significantly grow their organizations and fulfill their initial purpose without ever sacrificing relationships that matter the most to their business. Promoting positive change in business growth, Tim Redmond teaches his clients intense studies of leadership, planning, decision-making, business, and the wealth creation process. There is not a more innovative, insightful, or entertaining approach to training than of provided by Tim Redmond. Tim Redmond once grew a company from two employees to over 400 employees and also help this company’s produce over $100 million in new profit. The strategies that he used to make this happen are the same strategies he coaches to his clients and business owners and leaders.

It’s time to tap all the way into Tim’s experience in full expertise as he gives you the knowledge and tools you need to break your business into the next level of growth. Tim Redmond is the absolute best in Tulsa business consulting and continues to hold his great reputation by delivering the best in business consulting and coaching. There’s no read to continue working in your business when you can start working on your business and bring in massive profits they can help you fulfill your business is amazing purpose. It’s time to set up your business for massive growth and dramatically increase your profits. Tim Redmond is always ready to help you and find out how to receive his help by visiting www.Redmond

This content was written for Tim Redmond.

Boost Your Business to the Top

Do you feel like your businesses at a dead end with no way to go forward? Are you looking for a way to make a change in your business that can positively promote growth of profits? Do you not possessed the tools and resources to implement systems that can boost your business into massive profit growth? You should definitely be talking to business makeover and growth specialist Tim Redmond. He is Tulsa’s number one choice for Tulsa business consulting and you can find out more about him at

Tim Redmond is the number one guy in Tulsa to help you build your business, and richer life, and explode your profits by implementing his proven coaching system. Tim Redmond is a best-selling author, extremely skilled motivational speaker, and most experienced business makeover and profit growth specialist. Through his company, Redmond Growth Initiatives, he helps clients to dramatically grow their business, profits, and lives through his innovative coaching process. He can help you learn how to tremendously develop your skills in leadership, planning, teambuilding, and decision-making. His humbling approach to being his clients’ accountability partner helps them focus on building their business and reaching their businesses highest level of potential.

After you see results of a dramatic increase in cash flow, you will notice that your business is becoming a powerful venue to fulfill its initial purpose. As you may have seen on Fox news, CNBC, or seen in The New York Times or The Washington Post, Tim Redmond once grew a to employee business into a 400+ employee multimillion dollar corporation while he help them generate $400 million in new profits. He teaches his Tulsa business consulting clients to use the same business growth strategies that he used to do exactly this. Tim Redmond has helped several businesses grow to multimillion dollar corporations as he coaches top leaders in business with the knowledge he learned in his years of intense study of wealth and business growth principles. This is why Tim Redmond is known as America’s top business growth coach.

Tim Redmond want you to stop trying to to do it all alone, and finally tap into his experience and expertise to help you launch your business growth to its next level. There’s no need to continue feeling stuck in the mud, deal with a lack of the right systems to increase profits, or be paralyzed by cash flow issues or stressed from a lack of new funding sources. Tim Redmond is guaranteed to help you stop working in your business and start working on your business to bring in massive profits and grow your business to its full potential. Even if you want to grow your business to his full potential so that you can sell it at its maximum price you will be very well-educated and advised with the expertise of Tim Redmond. There is no better business coach and consultant in the Tulsa area than Tim Redmond.

Tim Redmond has traveled all around the world taking his business growth strategies and coaching to Central America, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Honduras, and Brazil. He is also written several books and become an in high demand motivational speaker and business seminar trainer over the years. He is the absolute guru of business and profit growth and wants to make sure that you have all of the tools and resources you need to put your business to the top of its industry. There is no reason to choose anybody else for your Tulsa business consulting needs. Visit his website today at to find out more about his great services.

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