Search for Business Consultants in Tulsa | How Can Business Coaching Help Me?

Search for Business Consultants in Tulsa understand there is a lot of people in the world that run their own business, but have absolutely no clue what their actually doing. They may know the industry, but running an entire business is completely different than knowing the industry. Running a business is an art form in and of itself. So understanding the ins and outs of how it runs properly and incredibly smooth, is something that is developed over learning pacifically about it. This is done usually through his and his coaching. This is exactly what Tim Redman and his team do. A little background about Mr. Redman, built a tax and accounting software company and sold that company to Intuit or $62.5 million. After this he spent two decades of business coaching trying to help startups develop and turn them into companies with hundreds of millions of dollars.

Search for Business Consultants in Tulsa also understands that there is several different steps being take in order for this process even begins to work. The first one obviously is a schedule your free one-hour business evaluation with Tim Redmond today. How the Redman growth system works is fairly simple. The first step is to create a proven path to your successful business. Now with every business is going to be incredibly different on what we actually do. Do we start the process with a free business evaluation to evaluate exactly where your business currently is, versus where you needed to be. After this evaluation, his team will work together to create you a personalized business plan to build around your successful business.

Search for Business Consultants in Tulsa understand that once this is done this is merely the beginning of the process. We understand exactly what we need to do, but now we have to hold you accountable enough to actually make you follow through with it. Second step is to implement the systems to make your business highly profitable and less reliant upon you. Tim and his team works with you to create an efficient, systems reliant business that is highly profitable, and less reliant upon you. From discovering what sets you apart from your competitors, to branding, marketing, sales, hiring, counting, and operation, we can help you create a systems driven business in every single aspect of your business.

The final step is to make sure that your business gets better every single week. Meet with you on a weekly basis, whether by phone or in person, to tackle the challenges that come up as a natural result of the growth. The weekly meetings also keep you focus on the most important tasks to grow your business in the first place. We don’t have any contracts so we have to earn our stripes month-to-month ship proving that our steps are helping you every single time you come in for new evaluation.

If any of this sounds promising like to learn more about our amazing business tips help you can get started with your evaluation today, please feel free to check us out at

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