San Diego Motivational Speakers

San Diego Motivational Speakers

This was written for Tim Redmond

It will be hard to find better motivational speaker in San Diego than Tim Redmond. Helping to start a business that grew from 2 to over 450 employees that generated over $120 million in pretax profit is one of the many things that has given Tim the ability to become an amazing motivational speaker. His also worked as a mentor on, along with NBA Hall of Famer, David Robinson, US small business entrepreneur of the year, , former Walt Disney World VP, Lee Cockrell. Tim now works with CEOs and business owners to help turn their companies around and put them on the path for massive growth. These life and business experiences are what equip him to give you a second to none event.

There are many things that make Tim unique in the motivational speaking arena. One of these things is that he offers the ability to do custom presentations. Based on the needs of the event he can tailor the presentations to cover one to multiple sessions of what one might want. If you do not want a custom presentation, he offers in depth training on topics such as team performance, resolving conflicts, and powerful sales principles and applications. Overall, Tim can offer a wide variety of speeches that work best for your event.

Tim will be an amazing speaker for your San Diego event and will guarantee that you will be wowed by his presentation no matter what the topic. He is a speaker that can easily relate to the problems and situations that your attendees face. He will assess these problems and give the audience practical action steps that can be implemented that same day. You will leave with you ability to turn your life or company around.

No matter what the topic, you will learn leadership skills as well as personal accountability skills. These are two things that Tim is passionate about teaching people. He knows how important those they are and not only in the business world but also in your own personal life. This will be an event that you will never forget and the steps that you will get will always be useful.

Getting Tim as a speaker is not something you want to miss out on. Act quickly, and either go online and fill out his form or give his team a call. You’ll also be able to talk to him about customizing the presentation specifically for your group. For finding a motivational speaker and San Diego like Tim you will be considered a hero. Act quickly, and don’t miss out.

San Diego Motivational Speakers

This content was written for Tim Redmond

Are you looking for a motivational speaker in San Diego that brings a lot to the table? Tim Redmond has experience in business and life to help you in a number of ways. Tim works with business owners and CEOs to help them not only turn their business around but also to help their business grow. He also helped start a tax and software company that generated over $120 million of pretax revenue. He is a mentor on along with people like former Walt Disney World VP, Lee Cockrell, US small business entrepreneur of the year, , and NBA Hall of Famer, David Robinson.

Tim is an amazing speaker, who is humorous and engaging during the entire event. He is a speaker who thinks on his feet and can effortlessly respond to changes or situations. He has the ability to not only motivate but enitely change the way you think, so you can continually motivate yourself. Action steps will be provided that are easily implemented into your life. Achieving your goals is his passion and he will do everything in his power to help with that.

If you are wanting to increase productivity, unleashed leadership, and accelerate growth, Tim is an expert in these fields. The clients of his business consulting firm consistently report a greater than 50% growth in their business. The same knowledge and steps given to these business owners will be also be given to you. He will do it in a way that is easy to understand and make you feel more empowered to do and be more in your life.

Unlike most motivational speakers in San Diego, Tim can customize a presentation specifically for your event. You can tell him what you want and what you want your attendees to learn and he will use his experiences to give them the most valuable information that goes along with that topic. He will also make sure that you learn leadership skills as well as personal accountability skills. He sees these as two of the most important skills in business as well as personal life.

Tim’s unique style of speaking has made him into a very in demand speaker. He is booked far in advance from the time of all his event. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity of having Tim come and speak to your event. In order to book Tim go online and fill out his form or give his team a call today. Booking Tim as a motivational speaker for your San Diego event will make you a hero.

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