Reignite the Fire of Motivation

This content was written for Tim Redmond

Reignite the Fire of Motivation

All of the knowledge in the world doesn’t mean as much without the motivation to do something with it. It’s not abnormal for people to need to be motivated on a regular basis. It’s like gas and sometimes we simply run out. If you are in San Diego in your organization needs to be motivated you should hire San Diego motivational speaker Tim Redmond. Check out his bookinginformation at

Tim Redmond is an internationally known author, motivational speaker, and business growth specialist. He has a special knack for capturing the attention of his audiences and keeping them entertained while effectively informing them. He offers a great and entertaining learning experience. He has a high rate of satisfied and motivated audience members and organizations and is absolutely loved by the leaders, and organizations he works with. He’s all about helping organizations grow their passion, profits, and production.

San Diego motivational speaker Tim Redmond uses a very unique presentation style which keeps his audiences entertained, eager to learn more, and on the edge of their seats. He uses his adventurous past accounts in business as references in his presentations in a most entertaining way to keep the attention of his audience members. He also uses PowerPoint and video displays, handouts for his audience members, and more to re-energize and motivate his audience members. His presentations are designed to deeply impact his audience members and spark motivation and productivity within them. His presentations are known to affect his audience members well after the event is over.

Tim Redmond is the best expert to talk to your organization about business growth seeing is how he grew a company from two employees to 400 employees, grew over $100 million in profits, and in so the company to a fortune 1000 company. This was all after he worked as a CPA, consulting for Price Waterhouse Coopers. His 25 years of business experience is definitely the power behind his presentations and coaching. He is all about promoting positive change in individuals and organizations to make for better leaders and more growth. His presentations bring on the kind of change in his audience members that promote positivity, passion, productivity, and profit growth.

So is obvious that he has all of the experience and expertise needed to properly motivate your audience and get them started in the path of profit growth. He will leave your organization with all the necessary tools and strategies to help grow their profits, build great leaders, and build a positive team of individuals with the same forward mindset. There is no better person to spark a change in your organization then San Diego motivational speaker Tim Redmond. It’s time to do what’s needed to get your business back growing again. To find out how to book Tim Redmond visit today.

This content was written for Tim Redmond

Get Motivated and Grow

Some might say a business is like a plant. Let’s say the water is the motivation and the sunshine is the growth. Just as a plant, a business needs water and sunshine. San Diego motivational speaker Tim Redmond can give your organization the motivation it needs to grow. Go to today to book him for your next event.

Tim Redmond was a CPA consulting for PriceWaterhouse Coopers before he grew a leading high-tech business from just 2 to 400 employees and increasing profits by over $100 million before selling the business to a fortune 1000 company. He has in business for 25 years and has gained the most experience and skill when it comes to business growth. Now he is an internationally renowned author and motivational speaker as well. He is also the CEO of Redmond Growth Initiatives. He motivates leaders and staff members and promotes a spark in business growth.

San Diego motivational speaker Tim Redmond is one of the most fun, entertaining, and memorable motivational speakers in the business. His keynotes, adventurous business stories, PowerPoint and video displays, and “apply it now” methods capture and keep the attention of his audiences every time. His presentations spark an increase in productivity, motivation, and passion in individuals. He tailors his presentations to deeply impact the lives of his audience members well after his presentation is over. You will never get any cookie-cutter, boring type speeches with Tim Redmond.

Tim Redmond continues to stay fascinated with the process of helping organizations and businesses grow. He loves nothing more than helping leaders and business owners expand their skills, thinking, and vision around profitable ideas. He has a special expertise in finding the problems that are holding a business back in removing them so that businesses can move forward with tremendous growth. Tim Redmond enjoyingly brings power and positive change through his interactive presentations and coaching. Audience members love his humor is an insightful approach to his presentations.

So for your next big organization event think about how motivated and pumped up your organization would be after listening to San Diego motivational speaker Tim Redmond. He can offer that perfect motivation your members need to get back into the groove of helping the business growth. You’ll love the positive vibes he brings to his all audience. He is known as the best in you will not be sorry you booked him. Visit today to book him.

This content was written for Tim Redmond

The Perfect Motivation

Are you missing that motivational factor that your organization needs to grow. Does everyone seem set in their ways, content, or just stuck in the mud? You need the perfect motivation to help get your organization back energized and ready to grow. San Diego motivational speaker Tim Redmond is the perfect person to help motivate your members back into gear. To find out about booking him for your next event visit

Tim Redmond is the an internationally known author, business growth specialists, motivational speaker, and CEO of Redmond Growth Initiatives. He specializes in motivating individuals and showing them the needed tools and strategies to grow their business and profits. His business is showing individuals and organizations how to significantly build leadership and develop planning, decision-making, and teambuilding skills. The end result is your business or organization growing, increasing cash flow, and being the ultimate powerhouse to push its specific purpose. He does this through his coaching, keynotes, speaking, training workshops, and seminars.

San Diego motivational speaker Tim Redmond is known for getting the most motivating, entertaining, and informative presentations. He uses his 25 years of experience in adventurous stories in business to keep his audience entertained as well as help them relate to the information he is providing. He has a simple and very memorable “apply it now” principle that sticks with his audience is well after the presentation is over. His fun and entertaining interaction with the audience while relying the most accurate information is deeply designed to impact his audiences and cause an increase in motivation and productivity as well as collaboration amongst individuals. He has a super high rate of impressed and motivated listeners and companies, associations, and conferences love to use the services.

Tim Redmond has 25 years of experience in business. Towards the beginning of his career he he was a CPA, consulting for PriceWaterhouse Coopers. Later he took a leading high-tech company in grow it from two to more than 400 employees while producing a growth of over $100 million in profits. He then sold this business to a fortune 1000 company. He has been proving for years that he is definitely the expert in the growth of passion, productivity, and profits and businesses and organizations.

As you can see he is definitely super qualified to motivate your members and show them how to promote growth in business. Get the perfect motivation from San Diego motivational speaker Tim Redmond. He will keep your audience well-informed, entertained, eager to learn more, and on the edge of their seats. You will be very intrigued by his presentations and so will your audience book him today by going to

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