Roles Tim Fulfills as Coach

In Tim’s words . . .

“As your Business Growth Coach, I will fulfill the following roles in your life and business…”

VISION of a Guide

I will guide you in developing a plan for success based on your values, personal strengths, background, assets, and opportunities. I help you see costly blind spots, avoid pitfalls and make the most of your God-given gifts.

WISDOM of a Mentor

I will mentor you through timely and transformational feedback and counsel from the years of business experience I gained while growing a start up to 450 employees and over $120 million in profits. I will give you a fresh perspective to improve the way you think and act in your business and personal life.


I celebrate your successes and encourage you when you fail. I am supportive, while still holding you accountable to your mission and goals. I am passionate about motivating you to dream big and create boldly in your business

EXPERTISE of a Consultant

Tim reviews and reframes what is happening in your business, in your life and with your team. He helps you identify limitations and opportunities for growth and then advises you how to move forward. He provides the strategies, resources and training you need to dramatically increase your productivity.

CREATIVITY of a Strategist

Tim creates a safe place for you to experiment, brainstorm, and implement new ideas and effective leadership and management practices. Tim will show you how to unleash your powerful creativity.

HEART of a Friend

I can give you a safe space to talk about your successes, personnel issues and the challenges you are facing. You can tell me things you wouldn’t tell others, because I have an unusual ability to understand in a non-judgmental way. Through our interactions, you will grow in knowledge, understanding and in your ability to make the right things happen.

When you COACH WITH TIM REDMOND, top Tulsa Business Consulting expert, you experience transformational moments that shift the way you see, think and act. That shift creates NEW growth and HUGE returns for you and your business.

Benefit from 4 Key Results

  1. Wake up and activate your God-given creative power
  2. Discard limiting thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors
  3. Discover costly things even smart people do that stop growth
  4. Accelerate growth in your life and business

“Helping you move from mediocrity to abundance while fulfilling your purpose is what I am all about.” Tim Redmond

Tim Redmond, America’s Top Business Growth Coach featured in New York Times bestselling author John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

The Impact of Tim Redmond Playing the Various Roles with Business Owners

With all of the clients that Tim Redmond has conducted his Tulsa business coaching practices, which include clients from all over the United States, Canada, and other countries throughout the world, I have found that these business owners enjoy all aspects of my Tim Redmond leans into the business owners when they put up a natural resistance to change the way they run their business and manage their lives. The tendency is for people to continue doing what they’ve always gone. We have heard the definition of insanity which is to keep doing things as we’ve always done them and yet expect different results. That is insanity! So when we begin to address those issues of on productivity resistance to setting up systems of accountability confusion about the step-by-step processes that the business desperately needs to create business systems of high productivity, the owners, Tim has found, need a time to vent.

That’s when the roles that Tim Redmond has described on this page come into play. Tim finds it essential for these business owners to be able to have a confidential and intelligent channel with which to process all of the thoughts and feelings that all of the changes and improvements due to the Tulsa business coaching have brought about in the business. Tim has found that when these business owners express themselves and share the various ideas that are floating around in their minds, he finds that it settles them and helps them clarify exactly what direction to take. Tim has seen confidence rise as they’ve unloaded all of their thoughts upon Tim and Tim is taking the time to sort out what is effective what are time wasters and what seems to be a distraction.

In this process of hashing out the alternative and verbalizing various thoughts, the immediate and long term directions become clear to the business owner. That’s when Tim Redmond will mark on the board these clear directions and work with the business owner to create specific action steps with assigned owners of each action and the time that they need to complete each task. Business coaching is not just parroting a bunch of best practices but is engaging the mind and the heart of the business owner to help activate his thinking and actions towards tangible growth.

Most business owners that Tim Redmond has worked with have many friends and colleagues with which to interact. However, it is by the regular weekly or biweekly meetings they have with Tulsa business coaching expert Tim Redmond that they learn to think and verbalize their various thoughts and convert them into powerful strategic plans that their team can act upon.

Many business owners have told Tim that he feels like Tim is there counselor but that is not really the role that Tim plays in their lives. He listens carefully as they unload their concerns, confusions, contradicting ideas. But then as an expert Tulsa business coaching specialist, Tim knows how to take all that feedback and narrow that down into the immediate plans and action items that need to be acted on in the moment. Many of the business owners have told Tim that this rollover listening to all of their thoughts and concerns and giving them timely and intelligent feedback has made them multiple thousands of additional profits.

If you would like to have a business coaching session with Tim Redmond, please give him a call directly at 918 – 361 – 3047 or email him at and he will set up a time to provide you a highly valuable business evaluation that also includes a few tangible action items that will produce big results in a relatively short amount of time.