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In response to financial and purpose challenges, Tim Redmond created this multimedia coaching system for individuals, business leaders, pastors, churches, and small group study.

Throughout this 8-week results-producing coaching program, Tim combines over 25 years of intense study of Biblical growth principles with practical strategies and counsel to accelerate businesses, ministries, and individuals toward growth. He has used these principles to create significant growth in the companies and leaders he coaches. We are confident you will experience dramatic growth by learning and applying these powerful principles.

“Tim is going to excellently teach you how that there is a purpose for you succeeding in life. The purpose is so that you can bless others.” -John Bevere

See 50+ other endorsements from leading pastors and business leaders below . . . 

The Power to Create Coaching System will show you how to:

  1. Break 3 Scarcity Beliefs – Learn how to break free from devastating chains of Scarcity Thinking and the 3 main scarcity lies that blur your vision and hamper your ability to create wealth.
  2. Identify Your Money Map – Provide you a revealing Money Map to clearly identify beliefs that may be sabotaging your success and help you create a positive relationship with money.
  3. 7 Keys to Master Money Management – Master the 7 key steps to Money Management that drives out fear and anxiety typically connected to money and gives you a practical plan to master money.
  4. Unleash the Force of Abundance – Steps to embrace the liberating force of Abundant Thinking in a way you may not have ever heard before and unlocks your unique God-given ability to create – POWERFUL!
  5. Create Wealth NOW – Learn how to implement tangible wealth strategies RIGHT NOW, regardless of your current financial situation.
  6. Gain a Whole New View of Wealth – Redefine Wealth and the Wealth Creation process from a healthy, balanced, life-giving way that boosts your confidence and rids you of the paralyzing voice of doubt and fear.
  7. 3 Keys to Get Promoted – Adapt 3 practical steps to significantly position you for promotion regardless of where you work and what your current position is.
  8. Learn God’s Intention with This Gift – Learn what God had in mind when He gave you the Power to Create Wealth. This is very liberating and ignites your unique ability to serve others in dramatic ways!
  9. Utilize 6 Productivity Principles – Implement the 6 key disciplines of the “First Be Fruitful, THEN Multiply” Productivity Principles established in the Bible that directly impacts your daily work habits. These have had a HUGE impact on growth with my coaching clients!
  10. Use WOW! To Build Wealthy Relationships – Implement specific steps of the “How to WOW!” that builds wealth WHILE developing healthy, life-giving, lasting relationships with others AND learning how to respectfully remove yourself from negative, toxic relationships.
  11. Adopt 8 Essential Investing Guidelines – Learn the 8 powerful guidelines for investing that cost Tim Redmond $800,000 to learn but is making me much more than that today!
  12. Use 5 Investment Strategies – Implement 5 practical, proven investment strategies for growing your wealth both in the short term AND long term while minimizing your risk.
  13. Embrace Wealth’s Rewards – Embrace a healthy understanding of the role rewards play in God’s plan for our lives  instead of resisting them. (This has been SO helpful to so many!)
  14. Live a Purpose-Driven Life – Understand the step-by-step process to find, embrace and live out your God-given purpose more powerfully through the unique wealth-creating abilities God gave you.

The coaching system consists of principle-packed sessions that will transform the way you view your Creator, your relationships, your occupation, and your finances. You were created to live life to the fullest. To overcome obstacles, fear, and chaos to fulfill the unique purpose God has for you.

Each session is filled with motivating stories and illustrations to stimulate growth and improve your results.

PLUS Bonus Video Sessions are included in EACH Session . . .

  • Hear high-impact, insights from some of the world’s foremost thinkers relating to each session, including Dr. Lance Wallnau, Brian Klemmer, Simon T. Bailey, multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, and many others
  • View insightful and humorous clips from Tim and Sandy’s experiences, including the first time they met (you don’t want to miss this one!)
  • Watch as Tim covers 8 Key Principles for Investing (only available on the DVDs). This bonus video alone is worth more than the price of the entire curriculum package!

What Pastors & Business Leaders Say About the Power to Create

George Reece, Managing Partner with the Murray Franklyn Companies – Tim Redmond’s book, Power to Create, is the best book I have read giving practical and relevant guidance to any person wanting God’s best in their business. I believe this should be the textbook for anyone wanting to start a business, struggling with a business or wanting their business to grow.

Dr. Lance Wallnau, 7 Mountain Expert, Transformation Specialist – If you are a pastor or business leader, get a hold of the specific distinctions Tim Redmond provides in his latest book, Power to Create. It will enable you to not only prosper but to tap into a vein of creativity that your assignment demands of you. There is unprecedented wealth being transferred in the midst of great shaking.  I encourage you to get a hold of this material and work it like a goldmine because there is great wealth in this content.  

Mike Rovner, President of Mike Rovner Construction, Inc. – I believe Tim’s book, Power to Create, will significantly impact many people in many nations. With his unique insights from his business experience and the Bible, this book will move you in the direction of integrity and passionately fulfilling your assignment.

John Bevere, Author/Speaker, Messenger Int’l, Colorado Springs, CO/UK/Australia – My friend Tim Redmond is a loving husband and wonderful father. In faith, family, and business, he has lived the principles he shares in this book. His passion for you to live in financial strength and generosity will radically transform every area of your life. The Power to Create will propel you into your divine calling like never before!

Dr. Mark Rutland, Founder of the Nat’l Institute of Christian Leadership – The infinite creativity of God, His evident handiwork in nature, is utterly mind-boggling to contemplate.  Tim Redmond’s brilliant book, the Power to Create, connects the dots in a powerful way, between God’s creativity and ours.  This is a must read for minds and spirits ready to explore and experience the energy of creative power.

David Barton, President of – America’s former emphasis on individualism has been replaced with the societal pressure to think and act as part of a group, thus subjecting each of us to the restraints of low expectations. Proverbs 23:7 reminds us that the way we see ourselves directly shapes what we will become. It’s time to renew our minds and see ourselves differently. In an inspiring and easy to understand manner, Tim Redmond identifies the key principles that cause personal relevance and success. With the Power to Create, we can change our families, finances, and society.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, author of Thou Shall Prosper – Tim Redmond’s Power to Create is a wonderfully lucid and powerful revelation of how to spur our spontaneous spiritual regeneration and unleash a bountiful creative spirit.  Tim’s insightful book can help fuel a fearless and unflinching financial future for every reader, bringing buoyancy and hope to every condition.  It’s a must-read.  .

Kevin Gerald, Lead PastorChampions Centre (Tacoma, Bellevue, WA) – From the moment I started reading, I realized this book is filled with an abundance of fruitful knowledge. Thank you Tim Redmond for empowering and inspiring us to live bigger, better lives! 

Tim Elmore, President of – This book is long overdue. In it, Tim Redmond not only puts his finger on what is missing in our lives, but also the solutions to move from existing to thriving; from playing defense to playing offense with our time, money, gifts and passions. But beware: this book will push you to change. Join the “Pancake Revolution,” be fruitful . . . then multiply.

Simon T. Bailey, Bestselling author of Release Your Brilliance & The Vuja de Moment – Finally – a book about wealth and succeeding in business important enough for everyone to read! Power to Create by Tim Redmond is that book, and it is that remarkable for several reasons: it defines wealth in a new, exciting and joyful way; it inextricably links wealth and accomplishment with living into our holiest and made-in-God’s-image selves; and it shows with sufficient detail how this wealth and success are attainable for all of us. In other words, the book will change your life. Do yourself a huge favor and pick up a copy as soon as you can. But don’t just buy it and read it, live it!

Dr. Dave Martin, America’s #1 Christian Success Coach and author of Twelve Traits of the Greats – We each have been divinely gifted for our God-given calling.  Using practical tools and principles, Tim Redmond has created a guide for discovering those gifts and for achieving purpose and clarity. I highly recommend reading The Power to Create on your road to the abundant life!

Rob Koke, Senior Pastor of Shoreline Church, Austin, TX – Tim is ridiculously adept in blending two of the most powerful forces in the world; inspiration and information. I am both empowered and inspired after reading Power to Create to lead and manage my life with passion and skill. Start reading with anticipation. You won’t be disappointed!

Dr. Terry M. Crist, Senior Pastor of Hillsong Phoenix – Tim Redmond has a remarkable ability to unlock biblical principles in a way that is personal, practical, and easily implemented. This book is a road map leading the reader into a brand new world of personal fulfillment and kingdom productivity. Power to Create is a now a permanent part of my library.

Don Ostrom, Business Pastor, City Church, Kirkland, WA – This book, Power to Create by my friend, Tim Redmond, will transform your perspective on Kingdom prosperity. I believe it will clarify what true prosperity is all about — God’s Kingdom and not ours.  It will create in us the desire and motivation to prosper. It is a textbook for every person in the Marketplace.

Scott Cordray. DO, FAOCO, Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery – This book is not just for business owners but to the body of Christ to effectively manage the resources God has given us for the battle of the end times. I pray every Christian would read this book and apply its principles. Much of what has been taught to the body of Christ has not been wrong, rather incomplete. I feel this book completes that teaching.

Erik Van Alstine, author of The Code and Breaking Free – Tim Redmond’s The Power to Create is an insightful work that explores profound truth in a way that’s easy to understand and put to use. Tim is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary message, a root-striker in an age of leaf-hackers. I highly commend Tim, this book, and The Power to Create small group curriculum.

Rick Renner, Best-Selling Author, Pastor, Teacher, TV host – I’ve been writing books that God has used to touch lives for almost three decades. As a result, I’m often asked to review books for others, and Tim Redmond’s new book POWER TO CREATE is one of them. I can’t think of anyone who couldn’t benefit from reading this book. Tim clearly demonstrates that God can use anyone who is willing to move out of his or her comfort zone to take a faith-filled step in a new direction. Not only is this book well written and easy to read, I believe it will also help open your heart to new and amazing possibilities as you prayerfully consider what God can produce in you and through you to His glory.

Pastor Mark Crow, Mosaic Church – Tim is a proven leader and entrepreneur. Whatever he writes is not theory but life experience. You are about to get some encouragement.

Bill Bartmann, CEO of CFS II, National Entrepreneur of the Year by USA Today, NASDAQ, Inc. Magazine, Ernst & Young, and The Kauffman Foundation – I have enjoyed conducting seminars with my friend Tim Redmond and reading his Power to Create book. In it, he captures key principles I have used in building a successful billion dollar business and cleverly laid it out in this innovative book. Read it and grow!

Leo Schreven, Speaker, All Power Seminars, Inc. – I’ve read over 700 books on wealth and finance.  But Tim has blown me away with the Power To Create!  You have to read this amazing work of intelligence.  I learned more in these pages than I thought possible.  Tim combines real life stories, with simple practical wisdom, and weaves spiritual principles into a positive, solution-based masterpiece.  The subject of Biblical wealth is so misunderstood by the majority of people.  Tim clears the confusion, and once you read this, you will sense a freedom and hope you can’t imagine.  Buy this book.  Buy it right now.  Buy 20 for your best friends.  It will pay you back a thousand fold.  Hundreds of people have asked me to endorse their books, but I’ve only endorsed 2 books in 50 years.  This is one of the two that meets my highest standards.  Way to go Tim!

Sharon Daugherty, Senior Pastor, Victory Christian Center, Tulsa, OK – Tim and Sandy Redmond have been personal friends as well as members of our church for many years. With all the uncertainty and fear in the world around us, Tim’s book, Power To Create, inspires faith and creativity while giving the reader a deep sense of purpose and realization of God’s given gifts within to impact his/her world.

Dr. Robb Thompson, Pastor and International Speaker – There are few times when works are penned that “create” an overall picture . . . in the Power to Create, Tim teaches us to unleash our gift, not from the “buy-in” to his perspective, but from a realistic look at life’s challenges. The Power To Create takes us from the problems of life we face to being able to enjoy our rewards. Happy change as you read this thought-provoking book . . .

Staci Wallace, Executive Life Coach, Author & Keynote Speaker – After 24 years of making it my passion to awaken individuals to their divine marketplace mandate, my heart leaps to see a package that so clearly captures the power of wealth development for Kingdom purposes.  The Power To Create is a “must” for every entrepreneur, business owner, ministry leader or anyone with a desire to multiply the gifts God has given them so that we, as a global nation of God-fearing leaders, can move from the pursuit of success to the mandate of leaving a lasting legacy of significance for generations to come.

John Mason, author of numerous national bestselling books, including An Enemy Called Average – I’ve been privileged to know my friend, Tim Redmond, for more than twenty years. He’s one of the most sincere Christians I know.   He has lived, preached and shared these principles every day for as long as I’ve known him.  Tim is a man of depth and his book goes deep into the light of God’s word . . . taking profound truths and making them applicable for everyday life. He truly reveals the wonder of what our Creator has for us.  This book is a revelation unlike any other I’ve read on this subject.  Your highest purpose will be stirred up, relationships nurtured, and generosity extended beyond what you can imagine.

Lynette Lewis, Speaker, corporate consultant, author of Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos – In Power to Create, Tim Redmond captures God’s heart to empower us to boldly pursue our purpose and live the adventurous life He intended. Read this book and experience greater clarity, confidence, and commitment to your amazing God-given assignment.

Dominic J. Russo, Founder/Director, Missions.Me – In Power to Create, Tim Redmond offers compelling, practical instruction for leaders in every age group to achieve and produce at a high level.  If you have a dream or a vision that is greater than your present reality, this book is a must read.

Pastor Tom Anderson, Author of Becoming A Millionaire God’s Way – This material is loaded with great content.  Tim has captured the concept that at salvation all things become new.  We receive all the promises, the fruit of the Spirit, and the power to produce prosperity which means health, wealth, joy, peace and highly favored.  Seek a wealthy heart before a wealthy wallet, than all flows from within.  

Dr. Bruce Cook, Convener, Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit (KEYS), Author, Speaker – Tim Redmond’s new book, Power to Create reflects a lifetime of research, experience, prayer, and reflection on a subject of critical importance to most people: wealth. Tim digs beneath the surface to ask penetrating questions that will challenge and shatter your assumptions about what wealth is and who you are in relation to wealth. Tim skillfully weaves personal examples, research, practical wisdom, and case studies from his coaching practice and network of global relationships to help us see ourselves, God and wealth in a new light. Tim’s book sneaks up on you and engages your spirit as well as your mind in this no-holds barred, forensic examination of the lies and negative attitudes about wealth that cause and/or contribute to personal and societal scarcity and debt. The truth available to us offers a powerful antidote and sets us free for a different way of life. I recommend this book to every business, ministry and government leader, and to all people who have the courage and willingness to change and become who God created them to be.

Dr. Desmond Frey, Senior Pastor PowerHouse International – Tim is presenting one of the most refreshing insights on redefining wealth from a biblical perspective. Power To Create will get people unstuck from traditional financial thinking and give them a life giving insight into God’s purpose for provision. A must read in this challenging economy.

Pastor Jude Fouquier, The City Church, Ventura, CA – Tim is a global leader in the local church and in the Marketplace. His timeless message on generosity and the power of God to influence and create in every arena of life will shape and empower business people and churches.

Ron McIntosh, Author of The Greatest Secret and Organic Christianity, Exe Dir of VBI – Tim Redmond has cleaned the canvas and has given us a fresh and unique insight into true productivity and wealth creation. His new book, Power to Create is an extraordinary revelation into God’s gift of creation to produce wealth that is destined to lead multitudes of people into their true destiny.    

I was particularly captivated by Tim’s concept of the “wow factor.” Indeed, there are multiple times as you read this work you’ll go, “Wow! Why didn’t I see this before?” Tim, thanks for a unique look at wealth and productivity that will be a treasure to so many people!

Eric Watt, Pastor and 1040 Window Church Planter – Tim Redmond has a timely and powerful message for our generation – God has placed within every person the Power to Create and produce godly relationships that generate true abundance.  Our church was greatly impacted by the ministry of Tim and Sandy and their Power to Create Seminar. Get ready for God re-align in your spirit and reveal practical solutions that will help you value others, provide for your daily needs and have plenty left over to become a blessings to the nations!

Dennis Slavens, Senior Pastor of Antioch Church, Overland Park, KS – Tim Redmond brings to his reader the amazing chemistry of Truth, Balance, and Integrity on a subject so often discussed, and so seldom understood. He passionately presents discernible insights which will inspire and steady our views in this most fascinating study.  The Power to Create will nourish your spirit! 

Dan Stallbaum, Pastor of East Coast Christian Church – In my over 30 years of pastoring I have probably had this question asked more than any other; “How do I know what God has called me to do?”  Tim does a masterful job of showing people how to be propelled into their God-given purpose.

Julian Melfi, Senior Pastor, Citygate Church, London, UK – Tim Redmond has the tremendous ability to stretch a person towards greatness whilst staying firmly bedded in reality to face the everyday challenges we are all so familiar with. Taken from proven principles and personal experiences very real to the author, Power To Create brings clarity to both the purpose and process of wealth creation. It will challenge your core beliefs, encourage your dreams, motivate your will and empower your abilities towards a life of true wealth. I am delighted to recommend this book to all those who aspire to greatness; and I am in no doubt that Power To Create will become an invaluable key for helping that come to pass.

Philip Wagner, Lead Pastor Oasis Church, Los Angeles – One of the most important endeavors in life is to discover your God-given purpose and to overcome the challenges along the way to fulfilling that purpose.  Tim Redmond, in his book, Power to Create, challenges and inspires the reader to conquer the obstacles to the kind of achievement that brings genuine fulfillment.  Read it, enjoy it and buy a copy for a friend.

Steve Fleming, Sr Pastor of Koinonia Christian Fellowship – Tim Redmond’s book, Power to Create, is a great gift to those who are serious about making a difference with how they live. There are so many excellent nuggets of wisdom to be discovered in this book for those who are ready to learn. I think that one of the most valuable things is that Tim helps people redefine what real wealth is. Rather than being something that we pursue after, wealth is about serving others and creating value for them. Wealth is more about what flows from you than to you. Tim has a unique way of clearly stating key lessons from his own life and I highly recommend his book to you.

Richard Fessler, Chairman, Hallmark College System and Millionair San Antonio; Business Speaker  – There is only one economic system that will give sustained increase.  Tim gives insight into this system that has creativity and productivity as its foundation.  Our country and the world face ongoing financial crisis because of the failure to understand the principles presented in this book.  This is not a complicated system for a special group but for all to use and benefit from. Applying the principles laid out in this must read book will reap life changing rewards for anyone anywhere.

Pastor Art Aragon, Heritage Family Fellowship – I have had the great privilege of knowing Tim Redmond and his family for years, they are a modern manifestation of the genius of God at work today. With in these pages, Tim has recorded solutions to the challenges of today. It is more than a book, it is a road map that will take you to places like Faith,Hope, Change, Family and the will of God. Thank you Tim for penning with the ink of creativity answers which will help everyone who reads this book locate their success sign posts which will enable them to stay on course.

David Copeland, Copeland Development and Construction – Tim is very creative in his thought process and challenges you to look at things in your life from a totally different perspective.  In his Power to Create book, he invites you to ask questions about the areas in your life you want to see change and then he gives you the tools and the confidence to go out and make those changes.  Tim is passionate and committed about developing the greatness that is inside each person and the content in Power to Create can be applied to all areas of your life.

Pastor Anthony Greco, Calgary Life Church – This book should come with a huge WARNING. This book is dangerous to poverty thinking, false traditional mindsets, and low level dreams. Tim communicates simply, and effectively, powerful insights, founded on God’s Word and Nature, that will fuel the readers passion and re-engage their imagination to be what God designed them to be. Definitely a must read for every person desiring to leave a legacy!

Pastor Greg Fraser, The Father’s House Christian Fellowship – Tim Redmond has done an exceptional job in describing God’s heart and intention for wealth in a day when mankind needs to hear a clarion message concerning the subject.  This book strikes a great balance between the doctrinal and the practical aspects of wealth creation and management within the Kingdom of God. Our team highly recommends this work as an essential read for every church pastor and leadership team seeking greater provision for the vision of God in their midst.

Bishop Jeff Poole, New Hope International Church – It has been a pleasure and honor to get to know Tim Redmond and sit under his teaching. If there is anyone who can teach this generation about the power to create, he is the one. He has proven the principles that have made him successful in his marriage, business, and ministry. Get excited – you will grow in your life from this reading!

William “Van” Crouch, President of Van Crouch Communications, Inc.  – It’s time to get started getting started!  Tim Redmond has the answer; it’s called the Power To Create.  In 17 strategic life-changing chapters, Redmond lays out an encouraging blueprint for a purpose-filled future.  The Power To Create is a much needed dynamic direction and hope in a time of transition.  With simple application, you will not stay the same.

Kyle McCarter, Entrepreneur and US Ambassador to Kenya – Tim has found a way to simply communicate how we can tap into the “more than we can imagine” life of wealth that comes by yielding our gifts to God in service to others. His teachings have greatly helped me find spiritual perspective as a business owner and community leader.

Rick Fenimore, President, Trinity Chemical Industries – WOW . . . there are few books that have captured my attention whereby I’ve blocked off an entire day to complete the reading.  Power to Create is one of those books.  I would challenge each reader to consume this book as quickly, and thoroughly, as possible, and then spend the rest of their life practicing the concepts.  This book will capture your imagination and expand your ideas on wealth, purpose, giving, and creativity.   It’s been said that “Creativity is the art of concealing your sources.”  In Power to Create, Tim Redmond demonstrates that, The Source, our Heavenly Father, desires to reveal the art of creativity to each one of His children.  That’s you and me.  Clarify your purpose, examine your wealth (you’re worth more than you think), and get into Christ-centered giving.  LIVE GENEROUSLY with your time, money, talent, and passion!  Catch the vision of the Power to Create!  

Randy Clay, CEO of US Safety Sign & Decal and Kingdom First Business Alliance – If you have ever touched a dollar bill this book is vital to your next level of finance.

Bob Harrison, Dr. Increase, Harrison International Ministries – Get ready for fresh increase! This powerful book will help you to discover your unique purpose and clarify your gifts. What makes it so great is that Tim is not just writing about what he has learned but also what he has experienced during his overcoming and prosperous life. 

Dr. Deborah J. Sinclair, President/CEO, Standard Technology, Inc. – Transformation . . . walk by faith, not by sight . . . Tim teaches you to live a life of faith in a simple, illustrative manner – yet so powerful.  Your profession does not matter – whether it’s business, ministry, or your personal life – the same principles apply.  I challenge you to read and be transformed.

Pastor Mel Ayres, In His Presence Church, Woodland Hills, CA – Tim Redmond’s Power to Create is a must read for all of those “break out of the box, there’s more to me than meets the eye” Christians. Once you read Power to Create, you wilI be excited in surely knowing the rest of your days will be the best of your days. Thanks Tim for the great insight!

Foreword By Dr. Myles Munroe, BFM International, ITWLA, Nassau Bahamas

This timely, erudite, eloquent, and immensely thought-provoking work by Tim Redmond gets to the heart of the deepest passions and aspirations of the human heart- to discover the path to personal purpose, passion and meaning in life. 

The “Power to Create” is indispensable reading for anyone who wants understand their own potential for achieving greatness and to live life above the norm. This is a profound heart-searching work which spans the wisdom of the ages and yet breaks new ground in its approach and will possibly become a classic in this and the next generation. 

This exceptional work by my friend Tim Redmond is one of the most profound, practical, principle-centered approaches to this subject of Purpose and self-discovery I have read in a long time. The author’s approach to this timely issue brings a fresh breath of air that captivates the heart, engages the mind and inspires the spirit of the reader. 

The author’s ability to leap over complicated theological and metaphysical jargon and reduce complex theories to simple practical principles that the least among us can understand is amazing. 

This work will challenge the intellectual while embracing the laymen as it dismantles the mysterious of the soul search of mankind and delivers the profound in simplicity. This is a book leaders will find stimulating and equipping as they pursue their vision and goals.

In Power to Create, Tim’s approach awakens in the reader the untapped inhibiters that retard our personal development and his antidotes empower us to rise above these self-defeating, self-limiting factors to a life of exploits in spiritual and mental advancement. 

The author also integrates into each chapter the time-tested precepts giving each principle a practical application to life making the entire process people-friendly. 

Every sentence of this book is pregnant with wisdom and I enjoyed the mind-expanding experience of this exciting book. I admonish you to plunge into this ocean of knowledge and watch your life change for the better as you discover and manifest your life’s purpose in your generation and create the life you were born to become.    

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