Power to Create Curriculum


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So many believers operate with significant confusion and uncertainty regarding their purpose, relationships and finances.

In most cases, the problem isn’t the challenge itself but how they look at themselves and their capacities to handle the challenge.

With all of the issues in our families, finances and society, sometimes we forget who (and whose) we are, causing us to:

  • Conform to the world God has equipped us to transform.
  • Play “victim” to the chaos God has called us to bring order to.
  • Be dominated by the very challenges God has called us to resolve.


In response to this challenge Tim Redmond created this multimedia coaching system for churches, life groups, and individuals.

Throughout this 8-week study, Tim combines over 25 years of intense study of Biblical growth principles with practical strategies and counsel to accelerate businesses, ministries, and individuals toward growth.


“Tim is going to excellently teach you how that there is a purpose for you succeeding in life. The purpose is so that you can bless others.” -John Beverejohn-bevere-2.png

The Power to Create Coaching System will show you how to:

  1. Find your unique purpose and powerfully live it.
  2. Bring clarity, power, and balance to the creative gift God gave you to transform your world.
  3. Instill greater confidence, strengthen relationships and increase finances and giving.
  4. Approach your problems with energy, creativity and skill even in the harshest of environments.
  5. Break free from the paralyzing lies of scarcity (there’s not enough and I’m not enough)
  6. See how your work is a place of worship and work intimately with God.
  7. And many more life-changing concepts, strategies and habits that will help you fulfill your God-given assignment!

book-powertocreate2.pngThe coaching system consists of eight principle-packed sessions that will transform the way you view your Creator, your relationships, your occupation, and your finances. You were created to live life to the fullest. To overcome obstacles, fear, and chaos to fulfill the unique purpose God has for you.

Each session is filled with motivating stories and illustrations to stimulate growth and improve your results.

Here are the 8 session titles:

Session 1 – The Mess (The conflict between His gift and our beliefs and how to resolve it)

Session 2 – An Interview with the Creator (The immeasurable value He invested in YOUR gift)

Session 3 – The Creative Process of Wealth (Redefines wealth from a Godly, creative process that involves YOU now!)

Session 4 – Create or React? (Equips you to master messes and create value in them)

Session 5 – Relationships that Produce “Wow!” (Generating the currency of the Kingdom)

Session 6 – First Be Fruitful, THEN Multiply (Crucial steps in the learning process that accelerates growth)

Session 7 – Increasing Your Worth (3 principles that multiply your worth)

Session 8 – Start Creating Now-Proven Strategies (Strategies for investing and managing cash flow)

PLUS Bonus Video Sessions are included in EACH Session . . .

Hear high-impact, 1-3 minute insights from some of the world’s foremost thinkers relating to each session, including Dr. Lance Wallnau, Brian Klemmer, Simon T. Bailey, multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, and many others
View insightful and humorous clips from Tim and Sandy’s experiences, including the first time they met (you don’t want to miss this one!)
Watch as Tim covers 8 Key Principles for Investing (only available on the DVDs included in the Power To Create curriculum). This bonus video alone is worth more than the price of the entire curriculum package!

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