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PeaceMaker MP3s


PeaceMaker Seminar – Strategies for Resolving Conflicts and Building Powerful Relationships

The secret to developing and walking in success lies in how you communicate and relate to others – especially during the high-tension, emotional interactions many people shy away from. How many opportunities have you lost because a situation was mishandled? What if you could become a master in handling these situations, creating win/win results between yourself and others every time?

Developing relationship building and conflict resolving mastery in your life by listening and taking action on the practical material included in this series.

Learn the Essential Skills for:

  • Creating Wealth
  • Strengthening Networks
  • Handling Emotional Issues with Win/Win Results
  • Developing Clarity of Thought and Confidence
  • Tapping Huge Productivity Gains

  Plus, you will learn the:

  • Key elements to resolve difficult conflicts
  • Essential values to become a relationship expert
  • Power of respect – the relationship stabilizer
  • 4 major causes of conflict with strategies to overcome and create win/win results
  • 3 sources of communication breakdowns and how to overcome them
  • 4 guidelines to successfully confront and make peace
  • … and much, much more!


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