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Leadership’s Biggest Battle Seminar – Conquering Your Inside World

The world is in need of true leaders more than any time in history.

Leaders bring vision to hopelessness, abundance to poverty, order to chaos and healing to brokenness. Yet so many leaders fall short of doing the true work of leadership. Instead, so often there is manipulation, control, suppressing others, and fear-motivated actions.

Why? Leaders are losing internal battles (by not properly processing disappointments, offenses, bitterness, pride, etc.) which destroy the flow of their life-giving leadership to others. They react instead of create.

What’s the solution?

That’s what our new CD Seminar, Leadership’s Biggest Battle, effectively addresses and equips leaders with. I myself, along with thousands of leaders around the world have been profoundly affected by this training series.

“I really liked the fact of looking at myself and not being controlled by my circumstances. I also learned that a leader brings out greatness in others and loves and serves them. I applied a lot of this in my own life.”

-Brittany Impson

This is not just motivational, it is transformational! Due to the format and method of teaching, you will go beyond just gaining information, you will be equipped to effectively deal with the issues that may have sabotaged your unique and creative leadership gift from being released in all of its fullness. The world – especially those closest to you – desperately needs you and your leadership to show up!

You will learn to lead with power, confidence, and effectiveness in your interactions with others. This series will help transform your inside world so you can be liberated to transform the world around you.

This class impacted my outlook because I was always looking at myself as a victim and not a victor.”

-Shaun Alexander

This heart-penetrating leadership seminar teaches you how to:

  • Win internal battles every time!
  • Move from a reactive to a creative mode to produce big results.
  • Avoid the 3 ways leaders drift into learned helplessness.
  • Understand the profound impact of the “70×7″ principle.
  • Apply transforming exercises to better manage internal conflicts as they arise
  • … and much, much more!

Thousands have been profoundly affected by this Leadership Seminar. Invest in yourself and your future TODAY by purchasing this transformational system.

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