Processes, Systems, and Deliverables

When you work with Tim and his team, some of the processes, systems, and deliverables you benefit from are as follows: 

Executive Development Coaching – adopting high performance mindsets and practices combined with increasing clarity of purpose and work/life balance

Strategic Thinking Process – This includes a careful Strategic Plan Review and establishing optimal direction for the company. It also involves getting the whole company creatively involved!

Effective Decision-making and Accountability Process – Don’t do it alone! Individual and Team Assessments with practical training to maximize strengths Optimizing Profits via the Profitability Model

  • Get the Funding You Need – Loan Proposal Preparation
  • Business Plan Development
  • On-going Strategic “Planning and Doing” Process
  • Cash Flow Analysis and Mastery
  • Team Building – Attracting and Keeping Top Performers
  • Conflict Management – nothing drains productivity and profits like unresolved conflict
  • Financial Analysis & Accountability
  • Business Overhaul & Reconstruction
  • Buying & Selling Businesses at Maximum Benefit
  • CEO Services
  • Employee Manual & Handbook Development
  • Management Structuring
  • Marketing Plans
  • Preparation of Loan Presentation
  • Projections & Forecasts
  • Business and/or Product Launch

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What Makes a Business System Scalable?

That is a great question! What makes a business system scalable, meaning how does it keep growing without requiring more time and effort by the business owner? That is a challenge that almost every client that Tim Redmond and his amazing team of Tulsa business coaching experts run into. There are many aspects of making a business system scalable and we are going to cover some of the key elements of that here in this discussion.

First of all in order to create a business system in a specific area of the business such as sales conversion, lead generation, product or service delivery, and cash management, we first have to identify what are the results that we expect this system to produce. It we are not clear on that is difficult to go through the four step process of creating any business system which is to define, act, measure, and redefine. What are the results that you want the system to produce for you?

Next we have to define what are the exact steps that need to be taken to create this system. Who is taking each of these steps. It is good to start with diagramming your current workflow to analyze versus what they should be doing in a particular system. You will be able to readily identify the weaknesses and omissions that your current system has. Then diagram the step-by-step procedures by who and when each of these steps must be taken in order to achieve the results desired.

Usually there are scripts that are required to be written that the person doing the steps must follow precisely in order to get the results that the business system is supposed to produce. This is where so many of Tim Redmond’s clients fall off the cliff and are frustrated with the lack of results. Why is that? Because when they are given a script, many employees look at that as a suggestion and not a mandate. When they don’t follow the script then there is a lack of feedback necessary to make adjustments in the script to bring it to the level of effectiveness that’s required.

Another aspect of fine tuning a business system is to be able to observe the employees implementing the system and in the case of them following a script, it is absolutely mandatory to record listen to and evaluate the calls as compared to the script. Tim Redmond has seen dramatic results occur when the clients follow these simple steps in creating a system. the client usually reads this the recording of their employees mostly because the employees complain about being held accountable debris recorded. They will claim that it is awkward and doesn’t feel right. Please note this that growth doesn’t always feel good and sometimes can create an awkwardness. It is at this time the business owner must be dedicated to keep his or her handle the plow and not be overwhelmed by the concerns and complaints of their employees and require the calls to be recorded. Think about it! All of the top level companies record their calls. They diagrammed the workflow. They evaluate the implementation of that workflow. Then they make improvements along the way.

These are just a few of the basic steps that we take with each business system in working with the clients of Tulsa business coaching experts Tim Redmond and his team. The results speak for themselves. Tim has seen companies double and triple their sales and even see greater results with their bottom-line profits. When the business owners are committed to create and enforce their business systems it tends to drive off mediocre employees and highly motivated those employees that are highly productive.

When these business systems are learned, implemented and closely monitored, the business owner will find the time freedom he or she has been looking for. How is that? When employees are evaluated on how well they implement the systems and their managers are evaluated on how well the systems are followed and are rewarded based on the results the systems produce, the need for the business owner starts to decrease. Employees are more highly motivated and so are the managers. If they understand that you reward everyone who works the systems and are intolerant of anyone who wants to ignore the systems, they will begin to police themselves . . . which leads to the self-managing company the owner wanted when he or she first started the business.

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