Power of Tim’s Tulsa Business Coaching

Take the Guesswork Out of Growth

Through the POWER of TIM’S BUSINESS COACHING you can…

  •  Remove BLIND SPOTS — Discover what you can’t see that is costing you
  • Get UNSTUCK — Release your creativity to multiply your growth
  • Close the GAP — Move from your current reality to your desired future
  • Gain MOMENTUM — Create an environment that attracts new staff, clients, and profits

What is Tulsa Business Coaching?

If you keep doing what you’ve always done will anything change?

Coaching is about commitment, creativity, accountability, integrity and balance in your business and in your personal life. Your role as the client is to be willing to challenge your current thinking and to change your approach to your business. Coaching gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself, to learn and grow, and to create powerful, new results.

Along the coaching journey, we deepen the transformation for you and your organization and multiply the results through these 7 clarifying questions:

  1. Assess:  Where are we?
  2. Identify:  Where are we going?
  3. Strategize:  How do we get there?
  4. Implement:  What skills/resources do we need?
  5. Create:  How do we optimize the environment for growth and productivity?
  6. Evaluate:  What is working and what is not (continual improvement)?
  7. Accelerate:  How do we master our internal world?

Tulsa Business Coaching  Growth Mistake to Avoid – Reacting

Reacting Against Problems Instead of Creating Towards Them

As an experienced Tulsa Business Coaching expert, I have my share of not-so-positive experiences. This is one that I use frequently when I provide my Tulsa business coaching process to business owners.

A number of years ago, my wife wanted to buy a brand new suburban. In my logical, CPA-focused mind, I thought that was a bad idea. “Sandy, why would you want to buy a new car? As soon as you drive it off the dealer’s lot, we will lose several thousand dollars!”

My words hit the floor. Nothing I could say changed Sandy’s desire. Two thoughts ignited in my mind. The first thought was a question, “Why not be sensitive to Sandy’s desires? Instead of judging her desire, why not celebrate it and do everything I can to help her get what she wants?”

What an original thought . . . and what a major movement from cluelessness to connection in our relationship!

The second thought was a challenge that I presented to my wife. “Sandy, let’s create an investment vehicle outside of our normal income that will produce more than enough profits to take care of the monthly payments.” We came into agreement and began to look for an investment.

Within weeks, we found a four-unit apartment building that needed to be renovated. A property company agreed to do all of the remodeling and leasing. Within a few short months, all four units were rented and we were generating more than enough income to buy Sandy a new suburban. We enjoyed the surplus income for over a year.

Over time, the neighborhood start to decline. Crime and violence increased with every passing month. What was initially a blessing began to turn on us. We started losing renters. To compound our challenges, the property company dropped us as one of their clients, and I couldn’t find a responsible property company to replace them.

The expenses going out were far greater than the income. And yet the bank still wanted to get paid the mortgage every month without fail. The situation reached a point of crisis.

How did I respond to the crisis? Initially, I simply ignored what was happening hoping that it would someday get better or go away. I had other investments that more than made up for the monthly losses so I didn’t worry too much about it. My initial response was not that of an experienced Tulsa business coaching expert.

Within months, my other investments also turned sour and began losing money. Our financial crisis reached the red zone, and I wasn’t sure what to do.

In the midst of all this, I taught a Power to Create seminar in a poverty-stricken community and witnessed great turnarounds with the people. Joy, hope, and possibility filled their faces as we created action plans around their dreams. It was exciting to see the power of God’s gift active in their lives.

Back home, that excitement vanished as I faced my own personal drama. The real estate situation continued to worsen. In fact, a violent murder occurred about 20 feet from the door of our apartment building. What was I going to do? The situation seemed hopeless. I only had one renter left.

I sat sulking behind my desk in our ministry office feeling overwhelmed and depressed about the financial challenges of this property. The situation had become impossible.

What?! What was I thinking? Impossible? The words I just taught others rang in my ears. God has given you the power to create wealth. I began to compare my current emotional state with that of the people I had just ministered to, and I realized that I was reacting to my situation instead of creating towards it. I had conformed to the negativity rather than working to transform it.

Simply put, I wasn’t walking my talk. Even though the situation was difficult, and I didn’t know what to do at the time, I knew that God had given me a creative, powerful gift to help me transform negative circumstances. I gave myself a big “time out.” Do I believe the truth I am preaching to others? Does this stuff really work? Am I going to be dominated by this investment turned bad?

I arrested my negative imaginations and declared that enough was enough. I pushed back my chair, confidently stood up, and began to boldly declare, “God has given me the power to create wealth. This works even in the most challenging situations. I turn from reacting against to create towards it. I declare that this apartment is filled with renters, and it is sold!”

My body language aligned with the words that came out of my mouth. Depression and the feelings of overwhelm melted away. I felt great! Then I sat down and continued my work.

Then, the very next day something very dramatic happened . . .

The one renter remaining in the apartment called to tell me she was moving out that day.

Have you ever made a big statement only to have just the opposite happen?

James calls it the trial of your faith.i It is when what you see on the inside is different than what you see on the outside. He encourages us to joyfully look at the hardship from a place of empowerment rather than defeat. When your faith is on trial, there is a tempering or purifying process that occurs. Your faith is strengthened to the point where nothing overwhelms you.

In the face of the opposite occurring, I slumped in my chair and waves of overwhelm and impossibility flooded my thoughts. I was slinking further and further into despair until I caught myself again. “Now wait a minute! Am I creating towards or reacting against this situation? Is this situation hopeless, or am I just acting hopelessly?”

Like the day before, I stood up behind my desk and began shouting with even more fervor, “I declare that this place is rented and sold at a great price. There are creative strategies and actions ready and waiting for me to implement. Through God’s help and with the gift He gave me, I am going to use my power to create a different result than what I am seeing now!” The key to effective Tulsa business coaching is to move clients from reacting to creating. I had to learn to do this myself!

Instead of sitting down as I did the day before, I immediately began to act. I didn’t know exactly how to solve the problem and turn the situation around but I began to move. Wealth flows from motion.

That morning, I drove down to the housing authority to learn how they operate. I relisted the properties. I called a construction crew to remodel areas that needed attention. I listed the apartment for sale on a number of internet sites.

I also implemented another vital strategy. I began to listen to God’s “sexy voice” in my life (that is, I began to listen to my wife!). She had some phenomenal ideas. We immediately implemented them.

I wish I could say it was easy from then on. That is not how life presented itself to us during that time; rather, it was quite the contrary. It demanded hard work and wading through difficulties that we didn’t always know what to do in the moment. We got the best advice we could, considered the options, and then acted. It was a process of stumbling forward.

With the property company nowhere in sight, I handled calls from potential renters. I would tell them of the newly remodeled, spacious, 2-bedroom units we had available. Their interest piqued until they asked me for the address of the apartment. Frequently, the prospects asked me, “Is that the place where someone was murdered a few weeks ago?” What was I going to say? They usually hung up on me as I explained the situation to them.

We were tempted to give up many times along the way. It was far from easy. Success is not for wimps. Don’t just hear me as an expert in Tulsa business coaching. This applies to everyone on the planet. That is why Paul prayed that you would be strengthened with all might in your inward man, that you would be strengthened and built up on the inside.ii You are designed to be unflappable and unmovable when situations want you to conform to them.

You have been created to bring His abundance into difficult places. You are not afraid of messes. You are not afraid of difficult situations. You show up ready to create towards instead of reacting against the persistent problems.

We didn’t give up, put up, or shut up. After diligently hovering over the chaos, creating value when and where we could, within two months, we had the apartment fully rented and sold at the full retail price!

Sometimes it just takes us picking ourselves up, gritting our teeth, and saying, “I’m going to do the best I can. God help me. Holy Spirit, begin to work with me.” Then, you take a little step towards creating rather than reacting.

You may be facing a situation right now that is demanding that you stand up and speak to that situation. Declare who is boss. Are you going to conform to this situation, or are you going to transform it?

A major key to success is not trying to get rid of or avoid problems, but learning to be creative in the problems. Grow yourself beyond the challenge that you are facing. You have that capacity.

Here are 3 questions to think about and respond to that will help you move from reacting to creating:

  1. What is one area in your life or business that you have been reacting against instead of creating towards?
  2. What is one small way that you can begin creating towards that challenge?
  3. How do you think you and your business will benefit because you embraced the courage to create towards it?

This content was written by Tim Redmond, the choice of Tulsa business consulting of choice for Tulsa business coaching.