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This is How I Learned one of the greatest truths of Plumbing marketing and business ownership. And really about working with family and especially maintaining a happy house in the happy spouse. do not do for people what makes them feel less powerful. when you are in a relationship with someone the worst thing you can do is save the day sometimes. people love to ignore their problems and ignore their weaknesses hoping that they just disappear oh, but they do not. but when you swoop in and fix it, you have shined a bright light on the fact that they lack the ability to drive and the know how to solve their own problems.

This principle really only applies to when you’re working with family, and realistically when you are not even part of the company but you’re just a support figure. without knowing it, I made my wife feel weak and incompetent by doing something that highlighted her weakness and incompetence. But the point is that it wasn’t my place to do that. we are not Partners in this business, she’s not my employee, I have no role other than the stand beside her with a supportive arm.

As it pertains to your plumbing marketing thoughOh, and assuming that you are the business owner, you cannot sit idly by and watch things not get done for the sake of feelings. So when I speak of the greatest lesson I’ve learned in business, what I’m really speaking about is that I cannot have a personal relationship with my employees. Or at least not one that is familial. so the great lesson is that I cannot help my wife with her marketing. And you may not be able to help your spouse with your plumbing marketing either, but that is okay because sometimes a role of support and not to be a catalyst for action.

I have since learned that even when my advice is asked for, I am foolish to ever provide it. I cannot speak on the behalf of your family, but whenever I have asked for help my instinct is to provide help. It turns out however that my wife is so ugly looking for a listener. Someone to bounce ideas off of and not provide any input. and mentally struggling with this relationship, because I am a fixer. I am a door. My worth is based on my accomplishments, so when I see you in an opportunity to accomplish something it is rare for me not to jump at it .

So I have instituted the 80-20 rule with my wife and her business. What I mean by this is I listen 80% of the time, and talk only 20% of time. Am I talk I am sure not to give advice, but to ask probing questions in order for her to hopefully see the answer that is right in front of her. unfortunately, because of my wife’s lack of commitment to building a business or doing the difficult things Beyond taking pretty pictures the, the photography business is yet to be profitable. but that’s okay, it was never really anything more than a hobby to begin with. do not allow your plumbing marketing to become a hobby. you run a business I need to be committed to Profits.

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