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Plumbing Marketing | Setting Up The Camera
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My previous article about Plumbing marketing I told the story of me purchasing security cameras for my home. I learned that I made an incredibly valuable by imprint of my brother-in-law who spent literally ten times as much money on cameras that we’re not better than ones that I purchased for only $25 for camera. that experience was maybe even better when I learned that the installation of these cameras was incredibly simple heartache or tools or anything.

It was such an incredible by. Literally I took me out of the box Wendover to my Wi-Fi router and hit the on button on the cameras. I did have to install an application on my phone to that the Wi-Fi password would be communicated to the cameras, but I only took a moment. Within 10 minutes I had two cameras fully syncing with my Wi-Fi and communicating wirelessly around my house showing me images of my playroom in my Nursery. not only did the cameras function well but then they became compatible with my Alexa devices.

I was capable to look up the camera feeds on my phone, my Alexa shows, and even my televisions because I had Amazon firesticks. the compatibility this setup was incredible, and wildly easy to do. This further convince me that I had made an incredible purchase, especially in light of the amount of money my brother-in-law spit on his cameras. The only complexity to my situation was that my wife could I figure out how to use them. buying at work all day, she is incapable of using incredible technology I just installed around my house to watch the kids so that she can get things done on the bottom floor room.

There may be a lesson in this for your plumbing marketing. Often we sell a product that is an incredible value, and incredible resource to our clientele, but they simply do not know how to fully use it and I appreciate all the features epic can become real benefits and your client has life. But I digress the purpose of this article is it about the installation.

I was so impressed with the cameras that after I got them synced and they were working I thought it was time to install them where I wanted them to be. I was expecting to have to install mounting brackets and such oh, but I was taking it back with the forethought of this kind of a company. They literally just gave me a metal plate that was sticky and I put it where I wanted it. the cameras himself had a magnetic base that could just click right to the metal plate and that was all. No tools needed, no drilling, no mess. it was easy and it was incredible. it was a real wow moment for me and you should think of ways in which your plumbing marketing you create while moments for your customers.

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