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Here’s a story that will help your plumbing marketing. the story comes from the Exodus account. Noticed that the stage for the stored properly you will need to understand a little bit of the Back stories. Israel had escaped from Egypt, and had just spent 40 years wandering around in the desert. They had finally cross the Jordan River you are on their way into the Promised Land. all of their hopes and dreams were tied up in this moment. and they are now officially about to face their first large challenge, which was the city of Jericho

Israel is wise enough to send some spies into Jericho just go out the land and the City. well there there are nearly captured. unfortunately for them the woman name Rahab credit heard the legend of Israel. she was convinced that they were going to win and take the city. in order to do what was best for her, she decided to help the spies and help them avoid being caught, and help them escape the city. can you imagine the risk just putting yourself in? What she asked in return for this generous Act of kindness was to be spared in the city was conquered.

This is where we can find a great lesson for your plumbing marketing. sometimes in business and in life you’re going to come across the Stars. People who fully buy into the vision that aren’t that is your company, and want to be a part of it. They’re willing to risk a great deal join your team. do not be a fool and ignore people who have caught your vision. I may be entirely out of your normal hiring protocol.. potential employee may not even have the right skill set for your needs in the long term. however, skills can be taught but vision and culture must be caught.

The Story Goes as you would expect in any biblical story. And the grandest way possible God enables the Israelites to conquer the same. After marching around it for a total of 13 times over the course of seven days City collapses by the power of God. The Israelites do not have to do anything to bring the walls down other than March and yell. But most importantly, Rahab was spared. She went on to live a successful life with the Israelites and was even given the honor of being listed in the genealogy of Christ.

Summary, sometimes is he playing at plumbing marketing you’re going to experience some curve balls. quick to adapt to the changes in the market, quick to acknowledge an opportunity jumps up in front of you. Sometimes. Cartoons come in the most surprising of ways, but you’re diligent and observing them and keeping the focus on their culture you’ll be more likely to succeed. And who knows oh, you may get lucky in the end up with a star like right have on your team. Call Redmond growth Consulting today, and we will help guide you through this process.

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