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Plumbing Marketing | Prove Your Worth
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Plumbing marketing is definitely a shut up or show up kind of game. success is never built in the world of would have should of could of’s. there’s an economic principle that says that money will flow to its best and proper use. So, we have to show the world that you are the best and proper use for that money. At the world does not know about you the world’s money will not flow into your pockets. one can dream all they want and they can spend their whole life hoping but unless we can produce an implementable plan there is little to no hope for success. so let’s work together to create that plan.

An example of this would be like mini young professionals who want to prove their worth it takes a lot of effort to get noticed. But once you are noticed, there will be coming natural momentum to your career that will produce the lifestyle you want to have if you can continue to demonstrate consistently your worth. I recently add a career path change in which I began to work as a business consultant. Prior to this transition I worked in many different aspects of business including project management operations directorship. basically I’ve either been in management or an executive for the last 15 years of my life

Now that I am transitioning into business Consulting I am having to learn a handful of new skills. So naturally, this process has put me back at the Bottom Rung of the corporate world. I’m having to do things that would not have been required of me in my previous leadership positions but it is necessary for me to learn processes and prove my worth. Doing things like cold calls, and working on Saturdays would never have even been a consideration in my previous lines of work, but now they’re going to have to become regular additions to my vernacular.

I am learning things like Plumbing marketing, where before, I would have Simply Hired out a plumbing marketer. in the same breath of me stating that I am okay with starting at the bottom, it is also very important for me to state that I expect and intend to not stay there. I have every intention of proving my worth in an exceptional way. within my first two weeks of starting his position I quickly became the Most successful salesperson on the phones.

In addition to showing some successes at work oh, I have gone above and beyond by reading almost every suggested book I can get my hands on. Is my tension does self educate myself so that I can show my expertise in the industry. in fact, I have some big plans that will increase our company efficiencies exponentially. once implemented we will save thousands and thousands of dollars in employee hours. this is an example not showing up and not having to shut up. I will prove my worth so that I can lead.

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