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Plumbing Marketing | Take Notes
This content was written for Redmond Growth

It is time to start taking notes for your plumbing marketing. what I mean by this is is time to get diligent and get serious about your future. Too often we remain scatterbrained when it comes to planning our futures and planning ways to reach our ideal unlikely buyers. You have to approach your marketing strategies like to approach any other challenge in your life. You have to take it so seriously, that it feels like a test in which your entire future depends on. Because of does. Go back to your days in school and can you imagine having pass your finals without having taken notes?

I mean this literally. I encourage you to sleep with a notepad next to your bed, you should also have a notepad at your desk at work. And I even keep one in my car so that I am always ready to take a quick note whenever an idea strikes me. an example of this happen to me just the other day. I was working through a problem all day long that I just could not get a grip on. The surprisingly simple problem involving JavaScript but my mind could not wrap itself around it. I am going to bed that night exhausted and unfortunately thinking about the problem all night long and well into my dreams.

But then I had a Eureka moment. I literally woke up in the middle of night having been working on the problem in my dreams. I’ve been rolled over and wrote down the solution I had created in my dream on my notebook by my bed. I then went back to bed and slept quite calmly and peacefully. I fully expect you to have the same Eureka moment when it comes to Plumbing marketing. I may have a little bit of advantage in this a minute that I am a lucid Dreamer. but even if you are not a lucid Dreamer most people I know have these Eureka moments when they least expect it. When your mind calm down here let your subconscious begin their rollover the problem for you. Most of my friends and family have these Eureka moments when are driving or in the shower.

So take notes. Learn often. You should be reading books and educate yourself on all the aspects of your business including your plumbing marketing. and do not read books just to say that you read the book. You should diligently take notes and write synopsis of what you’ve been reading. One of the best practices you can do is actually write yourself a little book report. it is easier to go back and read a couple pages of book report to remind you of the main points of a book rather than pick up a 300-page book again and begin to have to leave through it or re-read it all.

Believe me, it may seems strange, but being a diligent Note Taker will be one of the keys to your success. and lucky for you, you have the cliff notes. Let Redmond growth beer abbreviated version the books and lessons you are learning. Remember, we have done this before, we have outgrow a ton of multimillion-dollar businesses. In addition to the ones that we and our partners own and have created. And guess what, we have been diligent note Keepers throughout the whole process. You can lean on us and that years of wisdom that we bring to the table to exponentially increase the speed in which you can grow up.

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