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Plumbing Marketing | 8 Weeks Pregnant
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Let me tell you a story that will help you with your plumbing marketing. I’m 8 weeks pregnant. My husband wanted to try for a boy so here we are. Currently, we have three girls. It’s a house full of estrogen, every color tutu imaginable, barbies of every shape and size, giant dollhouses, sparkly playdough, more stuffed animals than I can count, glitter, crayons, sparkly nail polish, glitter makeup, temporary tattoos, leotards, tap shoes, ballet shoes, I could go on ( and I kinda did) but, you get it. All that to say, my husband wanting a son is only natural.

I’m sure when he dreams about having a son, he thinks of a boy who will share all of his passions. Golfing, fishing, boating, motorcycles, superhero combat, and eating big, beefy, red meat. Not that his beloved daughters can’t share these things, but it seems to come more natural for boys. Our girls don’t seem to be as rough and tumble, or into getting fish guts on their hands. A son would allow him more opportunity to bestow manly knowledge like how to be a good father and husband.

My husband is an amazing father. He is constantly playing with the girls, they think he hung the moon. When he walks in from work you would think that prince charming or their favorite cartoon character had just entered the house. He is greeted with squeals of joy and tackle hugs. Their daddy alway makes time for them and he has taught our girls many things. Like how to worm a hook, how to fly a kite, how to blow a bubble, how to fold paper like origami flowers, how to fight a villain like only the fierces superhero can.

At only eight weeks gestation, we will not know what the gender is until we are further down the road. At out ultrasound last week, we saw our baby. An ultrasound looks inside to see exactly what is going on, not unlike a plumber. Plumbing marketing is a brilliant way to boost any plumbers repor. It looked like a chubby little gummy bear in there. A pea sized body and two nubby arms and two nubby legs. Inside her or his little body we were marveled to see a perfectly beating heartbeat. Typically you do not find out the gender of your little one until you are at least 16 weeks gestation. For us that means waiting an agonizing 8 more weeks.

For us having children is what makes life worth living. What part of your business make life worth living? Focus on that for your plumbing marketing. A house full of bouncing, giggly, singing, twirling babies is like heaven on earth. Having a big family has always been our dream. Adding another child to this mix just makes sense. When we found out that we were pregnant with this 4th baby our hearts soared. No matter what we have, girl or boy, we are overjoyed! Another adventure is about to begin.

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