Plumbing Marketing | Woops, Don’t Get Caught

Plumbing Marketing | Oops
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When it comes to Plumbing marketing, what are the mistakes that really matter? How big of a mistake can I make without ruining My business? the topic of mistakes is always a difficult topic for business owners to discuss. naturally, inappropriately, we are afraid of them. Honestly some mistakes are bigger than others and some mistakes will be more costly than others. but there is always a solution around the bend even if it just takes a little more time to get what we really want.

Whenever I think of really huge mistakes oh, I always recall the biblical story of Jacob. I find Jacob to be absolutely fascinating and almost every way. This is a kid who is conniving and thieving and is frankly an idiot, yet God has found favor with him Miss decided to make him a father of Nations. set the set the stage of his story okay, let me tell you his background. Jacob was a second born of a twin. that’s him and his brother Esau grew up his mother far preferred Jacob and his father far preferred he saw. You saw it was a man’s man who would go out to the fields and hunt and work, what Jacob was more civilized and often found work how to occupy his time.

that’s the second born son he was not entitled to the blessings in inheritances that are due to the first born son. So Jacob decided to steal this from his older brother. When his brother came in from hunting he had not eaten it felt like he was starving. so Jacob made a very shrewd business decision, and refuse to feed Esau until he had given up his Birthright. (there may be a very practical Plumbing marketing principal here as it applies to supply and demand) what’s Jacob had the promise of the birthright he then just had to trick his father into giving him the birthright and blessing, which turned out not to be overly difficult because his father was blind. So he pretended to be Esau and receive the blessing that was due to the older son.

As you can imagine, this infuriated he saw I’m about to kill Jacob. Jacob ran away to stay at his uncle Laban’s house in in a distant land. While there, he fell in love with Laban’s beautiful daughter Rachel. so you worked out a deal to work for 7 years for his uncle in order to allowed to marry Rachel.( think of this as a seven-year Plumbing marketing strategy). unfortunately, his uncle was not the most honest fellow. the night of the wedding, Laban. Jacob drunk and had him Mary Rachel’s older sister Leah. talk about a strategy mistake!

Remember, this is the era when you cannot just decide not to be married. Marriages were set in stone and divorce was not an option. so what did Jacob do? Kiri implemented his strategy ( when creating your plumbing strategy important to be consistent so you can measure predictable results). Jacob agreed to work another seven years in order to be able to marry Rachel. I bet you can imagine though that he did not make the same mistake twice I suspect he did not go near a drop of alcohol on his wedding night. I am confident he was fully sober when he said I do in order to not make the same mistake twice.

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