Plumbing Marketing | Why Slack Off?

Plumbing Marketing | Who is the New Guy
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Who is the new guy on your plumbing marketing team? do you have a hot shot seems to be that up-and-coming star that is going to be leading your sales in the next 6 months? If the answer is yes, that is great news. however, one of the things I see in a lot of companies is that the hot shot is often shut down. honor skip very intimidated bigi I can start doing parts of their job better than them. the reality for most entrepreneurs is that their early successes are often built on their ability to sell. owners are really thrilled when they are dethroned from the position of top salesman.

I have another Bible story coming your way. Back in the days of ancient Israel the Lord prefer to lead his people directly. as needed, he would rise up speak to his people and for his people through prophets and judges. the role of these men was always just the communicator on behalf of God. And decisions remained in the hands of the creator. eventually, Israel got frustrated with this Arrangement, and they begin to be get jealous of the neighboring countries, so they demanded to have a king. they wanted a flesh-and-blood human to be able to go to with their problems and concerns, and have a flesh-and-blood human leave them battle.

As you can imagine, that was pretty annoyed with this development. if I was the creator the universe I think I would also be a little frustrated what’s the people I’ve chosen wine to replace me as a leader. however, I decided to give them what they wanted. Saul became their King. beginning, songs are pretty good King. he did right by his real, and he listened to the prophets oh, and did his best to be obedient to God. unfortunately Pride begin getting away and you made a couple bad moves. long story short Tama God decided to anoint young Shepherd boy to be the next king. this boy’s name is David.

Again, as you can imagine, Saul did not like this. add this new guy coming into the picture who had the favor of God and the anointing to become king…. while Saul still held the throne. and he still had children that he expected to become king. do you have a plumbing marketing All-Star that is coming for your throne?

The story does not end well for Saul. Heends up losing his throne, he ends up losing his family oh, and he looks like a fool during most of the process. the moral of the story, and the truth that can be applied to your plumbing marketing, and that you should not allow your pride to stand in the way if someone else’s talents. remember, if this new kid is selling for you you are the one who reaps the reward. at side note you should pay him well and encouragement and sales.

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