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Plumbing Marketing | Hey there Delilah
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Don’t hire a Delilah in your plumbing marketing. Delilah is on a mission find out Samson’s Secret so that she can exploit it, make him weak, and defeat Him. What is crazy is that Samsung should have figured this out. She asked him what his secret was, he then lied to her multiple times ( things like being tied up with brand new ropes would take away his strength), and each time he told her a lie she would try to do it and take his strength. yet, she eventually wore him down and he told her secret of cutting his hair. so no one is surprised when he wakes up with his haircut and his strength gone.

Let’s learn from this in regards to trusting our employees with plumbing is perfectly appropriate to test people who have the potential to impact Our Lives. Do not hand over the Keys of the Kingdom before you have thoroughly vetted the person you’re handing the keys to. you would not hand over the keys to your brand new Mercedes to a guy who gets into the three accidents a year. So test your employees! The ones who failure tests cannot be trusted. And most critical of all, if they cannot be trusted do not let them wear you down until you give them the secrets of your plumbing marketing. you must stay diligent with protecting your business.

The reverse is also true. And you have an employee who consistently demonstrates that they are trustworthy, and honest, and diligent you must reward. People won’t go naturally to where they are most appreciated. A top-quality employee does not have a problem finding a job. His character is work ethic, expertise will always open doors for them. If you continue to micromanage good employees you will drive them away and you will never complete the task of successful Plumbing marketing. and as you grow and success of this vital aspect of your business you cannot be afraid to reward your trustworthy and dependable employees appropriately. So often I have seen businesses grow and expand and have star players who stand out in the expansion who do not get compensated for what they bring to the table. It does not take long for an employee to figure out what they are worth, and someone will be willing to pay them that so you should too

In order to create a successful culture in which Plumbing marketing is not only the goal but it becomes the success story. You have to create and rely on a honest dependable team. It was Ronald Reagan who famously said trust but verify. You can never allow someone to steer the ship of Your Business Without You having an awareness of every aspect. Never lose sight of the compass, never stop loving your brother shoulder of those rely on. But never micromanage people to the point that they do not have autonomy, freedom, and buy it to the culture and goals organization. Isn’t the only way to ever be successful and plumbing marketing

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