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Plumbing Marketing | Hold your Breath
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When carrying out your plumbing marketing strategies you have to be willing to be uncomfortable. You have to be willing to push yourself a little bit further than you think you can. Sometimes it feels risky, and sometimes it feels unsafe, but if you can just hold on a little longer you will likely see Success. Napoleon Hill once noted in his famous book Think and Grow Rich that often we stop digging just a few feet before we strike gold. Do not give up yet keep pressing in and we can help you strike gold together. let me tell you a story of how I like to make my wife mad.

About a year after me and my wife were married oh, we decided to move to Virginia Beach to attend Regent University. This is a great decision and one that we loved with all of our hearts. We love being close to the ocean and we were able to make some incredible lifelong friends. however the road trip between Ohio and Virginia Beach is one that my wife and I do not remember as fondly. mostly because I love to make my wife at least a little bit anxious. so the journey between Virginia Beach in Ohio consists of crossing the Hampton Roads bridge tunnel.

This is an incredibly Long Bridge, and it has a incredibly long tunnel right in the middle of it. it’s really in a pretty impressive sight. So you drive for a mile or two of bridge followed by several miles of tunnel followed by another several miles Bridge… or at least it feels that way. the design of this is so that large military ships can you get into the Chesapeake Bay. See you are literally going under water deep enough so that warships can pass over top of you. That’s a pretty awesome thought and an incredible feat of engineering. so let me tell you how I like to make my wife anxious during this journey.

Ever since I was a kid that has been a family game to hold your breath why you go through any tunnel. keep in mind most tunnels one travels through in America last no more than 10 to 15 seconds. However, the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel, especially when there’s high traffic, lasts a great deal longer than 10 to 15 seconds. if traffic is moving quickly you’re lucky to be under a minute or two. I looked at this not as an inconvenience, or an impossibility, but instead it was a beautiful challenge… both for my breath wedding skills and apparently my marriage. which reminds me, when it comes to your business and plumbing marketing never run away from a challenge. the best stories and memories consists of when you overcame something incredible.

I tell the story for the purpose of encouraging you to press on and embrace the challenge. Even if it gives your loved ones high anxiety. There were times, especially when traffic was not moving so quickly, and you’re holding your breath and starting to feel a little dizzy while driving a 2 thousand pound vehicle that you think maybe I should take a breath and enjoy the easier route. don’t do it. You will be amazed how tough you are, how much endurance you have oh, and you will enjoy the story of your plumbing marketing for years to come.

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