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Plumbing Marketing | Our visit to the Tulsa Zoo
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Let me tell you a story that will help you with your plumbing marketing. One of our favorite things to do in Tulsa is to visit the Tulsa Zoo. we are lucky enough to have passes, so we visited the zoo frequently. when the weather is warm we go nearly once a week.

My Girls anticipation starts building as soon as we get in the car, it’s about a 35 minute drive and they constantly ask when we’re going to get there. When we drive up there animal flags and statues in the parking lot their Giggles of excitement start in and they begin discussing what animal they hope to see the most.

After checking in the first exhibit we had to is the elephants. our zoo is fortunate enough to have a family of elephants. the girls love to watch them Sway and flap their big ears to cool off. outside the viewing window is a life-size statue of an elephant mama and her baby. The girls love climbing all over them and pretending that they’re riding a real elephant. our youngest daughter makes the best elephant sound oh, it is so cute.

After leaving the elephants we had to a series of buildings with different ecosystems that they highlight. the first one is the desert. the desert exhibit is full of cactus, reptiles such as iguanas, Komodo dragons, toads and crocodiles. they also have many insects. our oldest Lana has a fascination with the Giant red hairy ant and of course the tarantulas. what kid doesn’t like tranchulas?

After the desert we move on to the Arctic which is a pretty drastic change in temperature for obvious reasons. inside the Arctic Building you will find snowy owls, the arctic fox, and a big display about polar bears. occasionally we will get inside the Arctic vortex where you can feel the pressure and wind that blows ferociously across the Arctic tundra.

Once we leave the Arctic we walk into the forest. I’m not sure why but it smells absolutely terrible. Do not let your plumbing business stink, our plumbing marketing will leave your company smelling like roses. In the Forest buiding they have a lot of birds on display. Here we will see dear, wild pigs, a porcupine and some sleepy raccoons.

After leaving the building exhibits we had straight for the Tigers. The Tulsa Zoo has an incredible New Tiger experience. large gazing windows face their enclosure and you can get so close you would think you could touch them. occasionally, we will eat in the restaurant inside the exhibit where you can enjoy watching the Tigers play while eating a slice of pizza. It doesn’t get much better than that. My girls love this exhibit so much.

Our trip to the zoo is always memorable. let us help you make your business memorable with our plumbing marketing skills.

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