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Plumbing Marketing | My Bike
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Let me tell you a story about how squirrels change my understanding that plumbing marketing. When I was a young man I had a beautiful motorcycle. I love it with all my heart, and I give it a lot of the credit for me having the wife I have today. unfortunately, I grew up in the woods a farming community in Ohio. during the winter months I stored my motorcycle a detached garage/barn. I did not give this a great deal of thought until the following spring when I walked outside and found that it would seem all the squirrels in Ohio decided to store their nuts inside my motorcycle.

Is it not at the setius or exaggerated statement. Every nook and cranny of my motorcycle was full of Hickory nuts in their shells. I remember tilting it and watching the shells Port out of the exhaust pipes. it took me hours clear all the shells, and lo and behold the motorcycle still would not run. Unfortunately I was in the process of moving to Oklahoma and could not work on it while in Ohio. So I went ahead and roll the bike on to my moving van and made the long Trek to Oklahoma.

Upon arrival in Oklahoma I had every intention of working on the bike yeah, but life gets busy and things just do not get done. so I decided to hire one of my good buddies to work on the bike for me. far side note, let this be a lesson to you in regards to Plumbing Marketing. never hire someone to do a job for you if you are not 100% confident they can do the job well. so my buddy can begin working on the motorcycle and literally got a hardened drill bit stuck in the middle of my gas tank, and it became entirely useless.

I literally have no way I’m getting a broken drill bit out. I asked around and my only option was to take it to a machine shop and pay more than the tank cost. so what did I do? I bought a new motorcycle. Not one that worked mind you, but I got the same year and model from a scrap so that I could take the tank. but while I was taking things apart I decided it was worth my time to subitup and convert my bike into a bobber. the only problem is I did not know how to do that, so long story short oh, I now have to park motorcycles in my garage actively making my wife angry at me.

So what is the moral of the story? Do not limp your way to something you do not understand what can I do competently, such as Plumbing marketing. Also, do not hire someone to do a job that they are not competent in. you cannot train someone to do what you already do not know how to do. so, hire us at Redmond growth. We are experts in business growth and can help navigate all your marketing needs.

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