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Let me tell you a story that will help you with your plumbing marketing. I’m a preschool teacher for a school that meets at a Nazarene Church here in Dallas. It’s called Discovery Kids and we have children who range from walking 1 year olds up to children that are five.

My classroom is comprised of three year olds. we have lots of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. but, we find common ground in science. which is probably why it’s one of my favorite things to teach.

We start the year by talking about apples. from the seeds to the stem to the fleshy fruit we eat the children learn all about the growth cycle of the apples. it’s fun to do experiments like different ways of cooking them. we try applesauce, pies, red yellow and green varieties. when we taste the different varieties we chart them to see what the classroom prefers the most. You can use charts to allow you to see trends with you business and improve your plumbing marketing.

In the fall we talk about pumpkins and similarly how they grow, what their flesh is like and we roast the seeds which is a special sweet treat. Then we move on to talking about leaves and how they change colors in the fall from Green 2 red, Brown, yellow, and orange. one of the kids favorite things to do is to go on a leaf hunt and then use their discoveries to make artwork for their parents.

When the weather cools down we learn about snow and how the clouds produce it. we make crystals from Sugar & Twine. snow ice cream, and play with lots of Shaving simulate the look and feel of real snow. this is a fun time to do crafts because there’s so many options out there. cutting out snowflakes, making snowmen out of circles and triangles and sticks we find outside, using glitter to look like ice on everything we make. It’s a festive time of year.

When spring finally arrives we move on to talking about weather. The children have now experienced and talked about summer, fall, winter.We can talk about the different weather patterns in all the different seasons and how the Sun warms in the summer, the wind blows in cold air in the fall and changes the leaves healthy rain freezes into snow in the winter and now how it dumps on the ground and turns those apple and pumpkin seeds and two new plants. ‘You too can grow your business with new and innovative plumbing marketing techniques.

Preschool is a wonderful time to dive into science. there’s hardly another time and their lives where their brains are growing so rapidly and they are taking in as much knowledge. being a teacher is a privilege and a joy as I help these children’s Minds grow and grasp new Concepts.

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