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I’ll test that will help you as you begin hiring for your plumbing marketing positions. focus on your culture and your core values. one of the strategies that we like to implement here at Redmond growth is to do group interviews. we highly suggest that you do the same. Is far more efficient for your schedule speak to multiple people at the same time. I’m not confident the statistics, but I would imagine that nearly 50% of the people who commit to coming to an interview do not actually show up.

can you imagine how large of a waste of time this is? if you have blocked out 6 hours of your day to provide each candidate their own separate interview, and only three of the six show up cured you of effectively lost approximately 3 hours if you work today. that is a ridiculously inefficient way to spend your time. the group interview solve some of these problems establishing a format that keeps you engaged, and not getting them to walk out the door once they see is a group interview. which is admittedly something I would have done and interviewed in a group interview format.

The key Focus during this interview time as I mentioned before on the culture. is this the kind of person who’s going to fit in at your company? is it the kind of person who you can bear to be around for 8 to 10 hours a day? So focus on your values. and argue that however, you have to have clearly defined them okay. One of the super moves that you can do is ask the candidates to write out what their core values would be had they had a chance to write them for your company.. maybe have them describe their ideal culture and working environment.

In my career I have been blessed find myself frequently in a management position. I’ve been able to interview a great deal of many candidates for this order positions I’ve been hiring for, and I fully grasp and respect for the most important aspect of hiring is exactly what we’ve already spoken about. Make sure the people can fit in with your team. if you don’t do this aspect of the job well, you’ll likely end up with an employee that is a cancer to your culture. do you have any members of your plumbing marketing team that are dragging your company down?

Part of me even being fully cognitive of this principle I found that the best questions at interview still fell in line with this principle. I have always believed that skills can be taught, but a person’s personality and character are the defining factors of who will make a good employee. as a young manager I even had a fairly successful theory that you can tell alot about a person and their values I want their favorite movie was. it was a regular practice for me during interviews to ask people what their favorite movie was. that one question I was able to learn a lot about a person’s personality. is there an obvious question you need to be asking during your plumbing marketing questions and interviews?

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