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Plumbing Marketing | Breakfast at Nina’s
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Let me tell you a story that will help you with your plumbing marketing. Every morning I wake up around 7:30 am. Not because I want to, though my body is used to it by now, but because my three girls wake up and are ready for breakfast.

For three petite girls, they sure can put down some serious breakfast. Usually, I start by scrambling some eggs, making peanut butter toast, and slicing up some fruit or popping some Toaster Strudels in the toaster oven, if it’s a fancy kind of day. For the most part this keeps them pretty satisfied until lunch time, but on days where they go to their Nina’s house, they sing a different tune. Help your customers sing a different tune by using our plumbing marketing skills to amp up your reputation!

Upon arrival at their Nina’s house, they informed that her that they’ve barely eaten and their tummies are growling and they simply must be fed. as a doting grandmother, she must comply, because how could she let her sweet grandbabies go hungry?

She hustles into the kitchen and starts taking their requests. our oldest, Lana, is 5 years old and always knows exactly what she wants. she says” can I please have a bagel, untoasted, with plain cream cheese. with that I would like a fruit cup or two and a glass of chocolate milk.” Nina complies and makes her a delicious plate. No sooner has she finished, when the next child in line chimes in.

our middle daughter, Lakeland, is 4 years old. when you say someone has a bit of a sweet tooth, this girl has a mouth full of Sweet Teeth. She requests chocolate milk, oatmeal with brown sugar cinnamon and maple syrup drawn and the shape of the letter L. after that, if she still hungry ( which usually says she is) she will request peanut butter and jelly toast with a banana.

Nipping at Nina’s heels is the littlest girl of the bunch, Leia. Though she is little, she will be heard. She sees all the things that the big sisters are getting and she thinks she needs a bite of each. chocolate milk in a bottle, a little bowl of oatmeal, half a banana, half of a bagel, and because she’s special, she will want Nutella on it. you would think because of her petite size that she would not be able to eat that big of a breakfast, but she gobbles up every bite.

If it sounds like these girls are spoiled, you would be correct. but, Nina’s house is a special place, where all your wildest dreams come true. are your wildest dreams coming true in business? Let us make your plumbing marketing dreams a reality and join our team today!

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