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Plumbing Marketing | Still Shouldn’t Hide
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More lessons for your plumbing marketing from the story of creation. This part of the story picks up with account of Eve. The story Goes On In which Eve eats of the forbidden fruit. She then give some of the fruit to Adam. in that moment they realize that they were naked. Shane had come upon them. there are several points you that are worth remembering one is that eBay the fruit first. So unless there was a delayed response to eating a fruit, then she experienced shame immediately but was desperate for company.

I think I see this principle most often at work and get rich quick schemes somebody buys into an idea, or a multi-level marketing scheme I completely reject the principles of sound Plumbing marketing. within weeks or months they realize they have made a mistake. But instead of abandoning ship and getting back to Best Practices, they decide to double down. I think the only way to dig themselves out of that hole is to follow the system that is already broken and dig deeper into that hole. So they reach out to their friends and their families and Once Upon a Time acquaintances and boyfriends and girlfriends from Junior High trying to bring others into that same scheme with them hoping that was enough volume they will find a way to crawl out of it. And maybe break even.

This did not work with Eve, and it will not work with your get-rich-quick scheme. now, the other thing we see and the biblical story and that instead of a dealing with the problem head-on and addressing their shame. They decided to cover up and hide. they made some clothing out of plants to cover their nakedness, and then they hid from God when he was looking for them. This is the absolute worst thing you can do! This is what I mean when I say doubling down with a bad idea. You must immediately recognize the mistake, and not hide from it.

Own it! Admit to the world that you made a mistake, apologize to those who need apologize for. swallow your pride and accept your losses. Go back to your proven strategy of Plumbing marketing. When you run away from trouble because you are too afraid to address the shame you’re doing nothing but handicapping future growth. This is bad for you oh, this is bad for your employees, and this is bad for your company. you will greatly reduce your future by embracing pride and shame.

There is a silver lining! You are not alone in your mistakes. Redmond growth has worked with countless companies you are so and shameful decisions that they no longer even know what the right one is. Let us come alongside you and help you get out from under these burdens. Let us show you the proven strategies that are required to have an effective Plumbing marketing plan and that will help your company grow in nearly every aspect. We will increase revenue, and we will decrease costs. We will decrease headaches from Staffing and management issues, all while increasing the joy you have because you have some more free time with your family. It takes courage to run into the fire, to run into the danger and the Bears meant in the shame of an old mistake. it is in that Crucible, however, that heroes are made.

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