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Does your current Plumbing marketing plan feel like you’re just wandering aimlessly? Have you missed the road signs that show you the right way? Does the same feeling of wondering apply to other parts of your business? Here at Redmond growth we excel at showing you the roadmap to success. We Trace systems and structures that drastically improve your revenues and your overall company health. Is this just a wild crane in which we are treating our own horn and loving around backs? Of course not! I challenge you to go to our website and see our testimonials. We are good at this. we have a proven track record and which we consistently help our clients seeing Real Results.

When I often think of companies who wander around looking for a solution to a problem. My mind goes to the story of Moses and the Israelites in the Bible. Are so many parallels to entrepreneurship that it’s mind-boggling. Let me take a moment and draw those out and 4 distinct stages open journey of Israel bat closing mirror the Journey of an entrepreneur. Even as I write this article, I’m surprised I have not seen this before. Is any credible allegory for the careers of so many people who dreamed of a Promised Land wish they had time and freedom of the available to spend with their family produce a future for generations to come.

Step one. many entrepreneurs find himself in a prison of a job. They dream of something better, they think about their skill-set and how that they could run a company so much better and so much more efficiently than what they are currently doing. They look at the owner of their current job and say to themselves why do I not have that lifestyle why am I a slave to my paycheck and a slave to a job in which I am producing a future for someone else and their family. This mirrors the experience of of Israel. They were slaves in the land of Egypt. Their time and efforts were spent building the cities of Egypt for the prosperity of Egypt. Their efforts were making someone else’s life great. And instead of being appreciated, they were feared for their strength and the Egyptians did terrible atrocities to the people of Israel. They began to dream of more and cry out to God for salvation. Do not forget this dream yeah, they can be used in your plumbing marketing strategy.

Step 2. The entrepreneur finally Cuts ties and takes a wild risk. Gathers up his Savings in his capital and mortgages is future on a train. Goes against the flow and quits his job and puts everything in a single Basket in which his future is a lined and dependent on the outcome of his dreams. the faces and stares down the ridicule of his friends and his family. He is so passionate about the future that he is willing to pay the price of today no matter how difficult that is he needs freedom and security even if in the moment equates to work in frustration. Is parallels Israel in there flight from Egypt. Hasn’t gone began the delivery process of bringing them out of Egypt it was not easy for the Israelites.

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