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Plumbing Marketing | Run Into the Fire
This content was written for Redmond Growth

Sometimes as you’re prepared to execute your plumbing marketing strategies you have to be willing to run into the fire. what do I mean by this? What I mean is that you cannot run away from problems, and you cannot take the same route. And in fact sometimes by running into the fire where all the dangerous and all the risk is is where you’re going to find your greatest Rewards. remember, the best ways to make money is to do things that no one else wants to do.

When I was involved in Venture Capital work, the common practice for us to buy companies and asset that a bankruptcy. one example of this is that we eat became a partial owner in an airplane. while we were in ownership of the airplane the management company went bankrupt. during the court hearings we found that there is vast amounts of delayed maintenance and some very shady business I’ve been occurring. Of the course of months, sharing an airplane what from a value in the hundreds of thousands of dollars down to a value of being a couple thousand dollars.

So what do we do? We ran into the fire while the rest of the airplane shareholders or desperate to sell for what little bit of profit that can make. You want to say prophets I mean realizing at least amount of loss. but not us, we ran right into the fire and decided to get a fast Masters course in bankruptcy law and asset purchasing. We begin to buy every bankrupt share of airplane that we could and by the end of the bankruptcy we owned approximately 4 complete airplanes. start thinking through how this willingness to take a risk can be applied to your plumbing marketing.

We went to the process of collecting missing parts reassembling these airplanes. Often had to get courts involved and spend large amounts of money in order to even just collect the pieces of an airplane that we own. And then we had to get things certified, and then re evaluated by the government in order to be able to even fly they are planes after they’ve been raised symbol. Then we had to fly in Engineers from Italy in order to certify that the planes were repaired correctly. hopefully as you read these steps I’ve had to take that you’re realizing of the dollars begin to add up, and as the risk.

However, once we had working and functioning airplanes back up in the air we were able to begin the marketing them back on the free market outside of bankruptcy courts. this is where we began to see all of our risk pay off. because we ran into the fire and embraced the unknown over willing to learn to the process and go where none of the other investors were willing to be we were able to reap huge profits in the millions of dollars. It’s time for you to run into the fire with your plumbing marketing.

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