Plumbing Marketing | Stories Told Great Are Great

Plumbing Marketing | Power of Stories
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The very same plumbing marketing principle applies to negative stories. when I was a contractor and doing a lot of painting yeah, we often told stories about customers who demanded the cheapest prices, and so that’s how they shopped there contractors. We would lose a bid to the cheapest guy in town, only to be called three weeks later because the cheapest guy in town did such a bad job that we had to fix it. These customers paid for the service twice. What a powerful story that is.

You can gain as much if not more traction with a customer by telling a story that starts out with a negative Feature, what ends with your expertise saving the day. through this route you not only provide value to your services, but you can challenge preconceived notions of pricing with a customer without them even realizing it. You are letting them know the error and the ignorance behind price-based shopping rather than value bait shopping.

Consider the greatest example of this of all time. Jesus Christ of the Bible did most of his teaching through Parables. A parable is nothing more than a story. If it was good enough for the King of Kings to teach I promote through stories, I imagine that it is good enough for me. You can walk into nearly any living room what group of people in America and mention the story of The Prodigal Son. I imagine that nearly everyone you speak to will know of the story, and be able to give the highlights even if they cannot remember it in detail. this is the power Of a story.I’d like to think that if Christ was running a plumbing marketing campaign he would probably do so in a way that included a powerful story, alongside a life-changing message. unfortunately, I do not quite have the skill of Christ in this category, so I will stick with getting consumer engagement and my values communicated effectively.

The next time a customer asks you what you sell, Or an employee asked you what the next steps of your plumbing marketing campaign should be, ,your reply should be, “well let me tell you a story..”History taught us a very valuable lesson in this regard before the days of written language all histories were passed down via story. Why? Because stories are easy to remember and the lessons that we learn from them easier to apply.

Do not forget this truth when establishing your plumbing marketing strategy along with all of your outbound Communications. Frankly, when should consider implementing the strategy in every aspect of communications. I am the father of three and a half kids ( my wife is currently pregnant) and I have already learned that if I want my kids to listen to what I have to say and remember the lesson that I am teaching them, then I better put it in a story. It is by for the best avenue for effective communication.

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