Plumbing Marketing | Why Are You Still Wandering??

Plumbing Marketing | Still Wandering
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This is the second part of this plumbing marketing parable. In order for the pharaoh to release Israel God had to send plagues against them these plagues did not make the Egyptians happy and they often took it out on the Israelites that battle was difficult they began 2 really bear the cost of what this Freedom would be. Eventually however their freedom was indeed granted, and they began their Exodus. They did so with much rejoicing, but also with a great deal of fear. Remember they were going into the wilderness with very little provisions, and a very angry Nation at their heels wanting their destruction. Often creating a plumbing marketing strategy feels like going out into the wilderness

Step 3. Israel began to make some really stupid mistakes. instead of keeping their eyes on the promised land that they were headed in which they would be secure and comfortable for Generations, they began to focus on their lack. They began to focus on the frustrations of the journey. They began to crumble in the desert and look for other Solutions then the guy that had brought them out of Egypt. The consequence of this grumbling this lack of trust is lack of vision and lack of Hope and Faith was to wander around the desert for 40 years aimlessly.

An entire generation died in that desert because they lacked the vision and the focus to dream of the promised land. They lacked the faith to pursue it at all costs. This is where I hope your journey as an entrepreneur is different and that of his real. Do not lose focus oh, do not stop your plumbing marketing no, do not lose faith in the goal in which he started this journey. Your promise land ahead is ahead we can help you get there.

Step four Israel finally arrived at the Promised Land. They owe their heads out of their bombs and decided to be obedient and faithful to God. And he brought them to the land flowing with milk and honey. It was still a battle. They still had to fight and Conquer a land. They had to deal with Wars and inviting and culture shock. But they decided to remain faithful and they lived in the Promised Land. Unfortunately, they later lost that Focus and found many of the same problems as before, but that is a story for another day.

This is where your dream as an entrepreneur really start to come to fruition. All the work you have done, all the plumbing marketing you have focused on, all the employees you have had to train hire and Fire, all that effort is finally becoming a realized dream. you now have time freedom and you have Financial Freedom. You have wandered into the Promised Land. With a little bit of diligence, you can avoid Israel’s mistake here as well. Do not forget to teach the Next Generation the value of your journey so they do not lose the promised land that you fought so hard to provide.

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