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How do you stay focused when creating your plumbing marketing strategy? more importantly, how you keep your employees focused while you are implementing your strategy? What are some of the key indicators that either you or your employees have lost Focus while performing a critical aspect of your business? Let us at Redmond Crow help show you the light. We will shine brightly on the complexities of this issue helping you stay motivated wow stat keeping your efficiency and keeping your employees on track. there are few things more costly to a company frustrating to an owner then when your employees do not maintain enough Focus to do what is required of them.

When I was a young man I worked for a company that repackaged car parts. I got this job through a temp agency and admittedly the communication and expectations placed on us as employees was very limited and very unclear. I worked for the company for about 2 weeks on first shift. I quickly realized that there was an error and the management strategy because the first shift was so overstaffed that we would complete our job prior to the end of the shaft. we would be spending good portion of our time standing around and waiting for more worked to be available. however oh, the second shift was so understaffed that the third shift had no hope I’m being able to do enough work that the company stay on top of the project.

I took it upon myself to solve this problem for them without asking permission I start working the second shift. I just showed up a clock in as if I came to work on time and I would clock out as if the schedule made sense. I noticed two key things about management that day. 1 – So often they just assume that employees doing what they are supposed to do. At no point did anyone check on me and ask why I came to work 8 hours late, and at no point did anyone notice that there was an extra body around during the second shift. 2 – I learned that management also does not take an active interest in solving workflow problems and listening to employees suggestions. I worked 4 months on second shift for anyone ever noticed got my time card did not align with the time slot I was hired for, and nobody noticed that I had solved a major problem for the company and wasted man hours.

I believe that the same principle applies to Plumbing marketing. You have to constantly monitor what your employees are doing when it comes to marketing. What is working, what is failing, and where is time being wasted. Because time wasted is money wasted. The other key factor is that an employer should listen to their employees. Often it is those with their hands wrapped around the problem that have the best ideas of how to solve it. Their voice is valuable. You should not discredit what they have to say just because you are quotation “the boss”. you should have stablish clear Avenues of communication between management and employees.

Keep in mind that the systems is strategy to put in place are vital for the growth of your company. However, these cannot be static. You must create room and your schedule and in your systems for change. You must constantly be improving. Your company must be dynamic. if you are going to be effective and plumbing marketing, you must be willing constantly re-examine and adjust in order to continuously keep your finger on the pulse of the marketplace.

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