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Plumbing Marketing | The plate
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Plumbing marketing remind me the time but I had to place take a plate away from my toddler daughter. how is that You may ask? What possible correlation could a two year old girl demanding to play with paper plate have to do with the complex cities of marketing? well, it’s surprisingly more simple than you may realize. bear with me while we go on this journey towards understanding, much like my daughter had to go on a journey of understanding why I took her plate.

I had the most beautiful daughter in the whole wide world. they had, I still have her oh, and she still happens to be the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world. she’s just no longer a precious little two year old. She’s a sassy girl 6 year old going on 13. but I digress. One day I was sitting with my wife is fine daughter cuddles into the room with a paper plate paper plate as she thought was the greatest toy in the whole wide world. You’re such a great toy that she decided there would be no other option and no better idea than to eat it.

So like any good father. I took away the plate. And I can a good two-year-old does she began to scream. I tried my hardest to explain she cannot eat the plate until I gave it back to her hoping that she would return to playing with it and not eating it. but alas, she had a taste and she desperately wanted more. So she began to eat the plate all over again. Are you starting to see any correlations with plumbing marketing? no? Then I will keep going. as a diligent father does I took the plate away once more oh, and the diligent toddler screamed. the cycle repeated another two or three times.

What I came to realize later is that she had absolutely no understanding of why plate and not only did she lack understanding, but she was in tirely emotionally invested in eating that plate. It was her baby it was the thing she wanted the most, and her foreseeable future this was her path to happiness and success.Her every dream and hope was caught up in that one moment with that one goal of eating the entirety of that delicious paper plate. And then came this giant know-it-all who crushed her dreams. remember, I don’t think a two-year-old has the ability to process much more than the next 10 seconds in their future and so this really was everything she was hoping for in life at the of the moment.

It often feels this way when driving growth comes into a small company and begins to re-evaluate their Plumbing marketing strategies. the business owner is in love with what they have, they have focused on it and and their world it is the foundation of their future. However, with our experience and having grown mini multimillion-dollar companies oh, we know that it is not the best. In fact in many cases it can be downright bad for you. please don’t be the toddler and scream at us, instead embrace the wisdom that we bring unless work hand-in-hand make you a lot of money.

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