Plumbing Marketing | Some Idiots Seem So Educated

Plumbing Marketing | Educated Idiot
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Education is critical for a successful Plumbing marketing strategy. but you cannot become an educated idiot. What do I mean by this? I know so many people who read a lot of books, they educate themselves on best practices that worked in other situations, but they have no idea how to implement in their own system. Or they not implement it, but at the cost of destroying should be unique. you must establish these core values of your organization before you begin to implement other companies best practices. Remember backs practices can be edited and modified in a way that fits within your culture and Mission without compromising the value of the practices.

while I was working at the church at the family Ministries pastor I realize that I was working for an educated idiot. He was so focused on growth that he read every single book he could get his hands on that talked about church growth. And so he only preached on topics that were designed to make people happy, and continue to attend his church. He thought that that was the solution to his problems because the more people who attended this church would put more dollars in the offering plate, and would solve all the stresses of our organization.

he was so focused on this one aspect of church growth that he completely ignored all the best practices that went beyond his singular Focus. I wrote earlier in a different article about the importance of discipleship in the church. There is no greater calling then not only introducing people to Christ, but also teaching them how to become christ-like. To mature in their faith to grow in the Lord. the Bible warns about those who remain infants and the faith and not able or ready begin eating meat. as you focus on aspects of your plumbing marketing strategy do not lose focus on the secondary issues. Do not gain Tunnel Vision on a single piece of marketing that you effectively kill your strategy by not focusing on them.

So what the pastor did not realize was that by focusing so much on just getting people into the church, he did not focus on helping the mature and grow in the Lord. He did not realize that the only people who typically tithe consistently and give their money to the church or more mature Christians so he focused on stop sermons that make people feel better and could be Gary practically applied, but he never focused on the things that would help them grow in the Lord so that they would be willing to open up their wallets and donate to the church. Remember, the biggest goal of your plumbing marketing strategy is to get people to open their wallets.

If you are beginning to notice success in your plumbing marketing strategies, but you are not noticing a difference in your bottom line. That means you have probably missed something you can reach all the clientele and grow your email list and call as many hot leads as you want, but if you are not getting them to open up their wallet and give to your organization by your products then you have missed something. You are focused on the wrong aspects of your marketing strategy, or you have completely ignored aspects of the marketing strategy that make the whole effective.

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