Plumbing Marketing | Showing Up is All it Takes

Plumbing Marketing | Just Show up
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In Plumbing Marketing the best strategy that you have in your toolbox is to just show up. that is literally not an exaggeration, you just need to show up. In the world of Contracting it is very difficult to find a company with the tenacity of takes just to show up. When I was working my way through college I worked for a painting company that was really excellent. They’re not a big company by any means, in fact, we ran a crew of 4 to 6 guys. however, even with such a small crew, Excellence was demanded. and more important than even that oh, was the fact that the owner wanted to succeed and do well.

I would get coffee with him nearly every morning before the work day began and we would talk about the business. Which I really appreciate it. This is a great moment to interject some useful information concerning your plumbing marketing and your employees. Take the time 2 have deep conversations and learn from people. most wisdom will have to be earned off the clock oh, so you need to be willing to pay that price. Show up early by a cup of coffee and try to learn from somebody.

During these morning conversations we would often talk about how many jobs he had earned just by answering the phone and showing up to do the bid. you would be amazed at how many contractors and businesses first do not pick up their phone in a friendly and respectful manner. second, you would be amazed at how many contractors do not show up to a schedule time with the homeowner to do a bid. in an industry where you can become very successful just by keeping your commitments is a good industry to be in. Keep that in mind as you plan your plumbing marketing.

If you’re going to show up the quote a price for your clients, you should go ahead and be on time or early as well. There’s nothing more disrespectful or unprofessional then being consistently late. when you are late you have stolen time from somebody else and that is unfair and immoral. my father had a great saying growing up that I cooked a heart. He said that if you are on time you’re already 10 minutes late. remember, your reputation and your first impression are often your best Avenues of Plumbing marketing.

When you’re going to show up, and you’re going to be on time or early, you should also go ahead and be clean. Now I understand that most business owners have to also work in the field and split that time with doing quotes, but keep a polo shirt in your car and just do a quick change. you will be amazed how much business you earn just by appearing more professional. remember, your customer does not care about your day or what you are doing. They only care that they hire someone professional enough to do a good job on their need and do it on time.

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