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Plumbing Marketing | Poor Listing
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When implementing your plumbing marketing strategies it is critical that you pay attention to details. It is critical that all the information you’re putting out to the world is as accurate as it can be. That you’re taking the time to review and analyze absolutely every aspect of your marketing strategy and The Impressions and communication being pushed across to your ideal likely buyers remember they will probably not meet you and you’ll never get the chance to a face-to-face sales presentation in which you are selling yourself unless you accurately portrayed yourself through your marketing strategies.

I once was a part of a startup company that sold Furniture online. I learned a great deal of information about small business moving to becoming big business during that Venture of my life credible lessons that I will never forget, but a lot of lessons unfortunately learned through failure. want to be things I learned is that volume and sales does not necessarily mean good profits. I was hired as the Vice President of Sales, but quickly learned that that title really just meant I was going to be fighting the president of the company for any pieces of authority I can have.

The president was I need the person that the more listings we had on our website the better the sales volume would be. There’s some accuracy to that theory, obviously the more product we offered the more likely we were to find probably filled our Shoppers needs. Unfortunately he was in such a rush to push product website that he did not take the time to properly vet the listings. our data team was under such unreasonable pressures and do dates and expectations. That they what constantly making mistakes as they pushed products onto our website.

It was easier for me then to promote and sell good listing that produced good and accurate prophets, that it was to sell a million listings that were inaccurate, and I was having to spend more time doing customer service to correct errors than I was being able to produce sales. Let this be an important lesson in your plumbing marketing. Time spent correcting problems is time that is always spent not making additional sales. Not only did it cost me in time, but it cost us a fortune in replacing orders, refunding and returning orders, and having to ship new products to customers because of basic errors that we had made on our website.

The moral of the story Is that by focusing so much on offering a great deal of products, we lost our ability to appropriately communicate and accurately communicated to our customers. We certainly did not gain more Prophets as we promoted poor listings, if anything, we lost money due to customer service errors and issues remember a repeat buyer is so much easier to make money on then having to find new buyers each time your existing buyers stopping want to buy from you. Keep this in mind as we do your plumbing marketing.

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