Plumbing Marketing | You Can’t Run Too Far If Too Big

Plumbing Marketing | Too Big Too Fast
This content was written for Redmond Growth

Effective sales strategy, like what we will show you and plumbing marketing, can certainly cause your company to grow very fast. this is one of the things that we experienced when I managed the online furniture store. even though we were constantly dealing with customer service issues because of poor decisions from a president I was able to produce impressive amount of volume of sales moving through our system. in the course of a year the girl from 3 employees to over 20 employees, and our monthly sales grew well over 400%.

The problem, has that we actually grew too fast the level of character the president had. he started to see those big dollar amounts dropping into our bank account, and all the sudden thought he was Donald Trump. It was willing to spend any amount of money and, began to embezzle from the company because power success had quickly gone to his head. Unfortunately oh, he did not realize that as we grew in Revenue, we were also growing in expenses.

And I saw a slow decline in the company, and the president was continuing text show his poor character and business ethics the writing on the wall starting to become clearer. remember, no matter how good your plumbing marketing strategies are, if you do not have the character and the discipline to grow alongside your company, your company will still fail. growing a successful and large company requires a great deal of character. so all of a sudden, our president started become very irrational. Started firing employees, and hiring friends and family, and then firing people again. I was no longer any rhyme and reason to his decisions oh, and I believe it was to start covering up his tracks.

In addition, there was no longer a sense of ownership of the company. He treated it like it was his wallet rather than treating it like it was it’s living thing that still needed Direction in their dream. He started not showing up to work until well after lunch, and then you would be at the office early. Which, as your company begins to grow and successes we want you to be able to do, it just has to be done at the right time when you have the appropriate levels of management and systems in place to be able to support you working less hours.

Remember, your plumbing marketing strategies will not work unless there are powerful systems in place. You have had to nurture this company out of its infancy in order for it to be a mature enough company for you to start let walk on its own. What that president of my company did was he left in the middle of our Growing Pains while simultaneously stealing from us. and became very clear that no one in the company was willing to trust him any longer, and they culture of the work environment was being destroyed. culture is very important when planning your plumbing marketing strategies.

We would love to walk alongside you it help with these growing pains. Redmond growth is excellent at helping companies scale and grow and appropriate Pace. We are excellent at helping you navigate the landmines that caused so many other companies to fail when their leadership starts to be able to reap the rewards of their hard work. But if you start the pool and a harvest before the fruit is ripe you will kill the Vine.

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