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In many ways, the purpose of the plumbing marketing would be to create that enjoyable lifestyle. there are few things I love more in life than taking my family on vacation. I have been very blessed as a young man to have spent quite a bit of time traveling the world. there are so many places and things that I’ve experienced that I would love for my wife to experience. realistically, the only way for her to experience these things is for me to make enough money and have enough freedom in my schedule to take her myself. That’s not even to mention the joy I would have ensuring that my children have a similar adventures in life.

For example, I would love to produce enough time freedom and money to afford a very nice country club membership. That is one of my goals for my thirties. I love golf oh, and I love nice things. I would really enjoy the country club lifestyle. And so with my family. My wife would love to find dining and my children would love the pool and amenities. And maybe I could even get some of my children interested in golf and we could have a Pastime together. this would be an obvious reason to become very good at Plumbing marketing. You need to grow enough business and make enough money to achieve these goals.

This last weekend I spent some time with a new friend. He is younger than me, and considerably more successful. His done a great job of managing his finances and has pursued a career with excellence. He’s achieved this goal already. He already has his beautiful country club membership and it is awesome for him and his family. I was fortunate enough that he took me with him golfing at the club, and it was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. it has now become a goal of mine oh, and I will pursue it in.

But at what cost? It is foolish to have a goal that cost you your business. If I begin to spend too much time on the golf course, then I cannot attend to the things my business needs. We will stop growing and we will become stagnant. Miss stagnant business rarely stays in business very long remember this as you plan your plumbing marketing, never stay stagnant always adjust to the market.

This is why there must be a balance. what has to pursue growing their business as a priority. You have to raise good management and excellent leaders within your organization if you are ever going to be able to take time to pursue and enjoy the freedoms your business has provided you. Things like a golf club membership. but if you abandon it all together before the business is ready oh, you are doomed to enjoy the moment at the cost of the future. Do not let this be you. never stop growing your company in evaluating your plumbing marketing.

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