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Smart buyers will not fall for poor values in your plumbing marketing. I am a big advocate of not necessarily pricing products in a manner that uses price as your key marketing feature. I can’t believe that the value of your product should be its key feature benefit and people will often do you want me to pay more money for a product that has better value. however gamma do not be foolish enough to think that your buyers are not shopping your competition based on your values as well as your price.

I recently went to my brother-in-law’s house I found that I was very impressed what some new cameras have installed. he has a large bonus room on the second floor of his house we’re the kids will have to go play. However, because of all the toys in the noise and is not an ideal place for us adults to hang out. So he had the bright idea, which I really appreciated, of having some cameras installed up there so that we could monitor the children from downstairs while we drink coffee and enjoyed ourselves in a more comfortable environment with couches.

so as I began to talk to him more often about his security system he told me that only cost a couple hundred dollars to set up. I have no real understanding tops a good deal or not, but he showed me how he could look it up on his phone, or play it through his Alexa show. Was it a pretty neat feature because my house is full of different Alexa devices. which, by the way, is a great Avenue for your plumbing marketing. The more compatible you are with common household things the more likely your buyers will choose you over your competition who’s not showcase their compatibility.

So, I went home and begin to do some of my own research on the potential of installing some cameras in my home to monitor my own bonus room, as well as our Nursery where my youngest daughter sleeps. the key thing that I learned is that my brother-in-law did not shut the market even a little bit before he spent a great deal of money on his security system. where he spent a couple hundred dollars per camera, I was able to spend only $25 per camera. additionally oh, mine were more low profile and come with a free cloud service as well as a look hard drive to store footage.

The way this relates to your plumbing marketing is that as people our shopping you will occasionally reach the one or two customers who do not shut the market because they have such a fat wallet they just do not care. They buy the first thing that they see in their content with that and proud of that. But I believe that the more common customer what shop the market comparing values alongside price. In my example, I found better value and a better price than my brother did.

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