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Plumbing Marketing | Omnia
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Your plumbing marketing must be oriented towards promoting the incredible benefits of your product and for your service. Must clearly identify the benefits that your customer will reap when they use your product, or your services. In some situations this may be something as simple as toilet won’t flush again bus your family would no longer have to share one bathroom, or I could be as life-changing as saving people hours uptime at a given day so that they can live a more full and productive life.

When I was selling cell phones there was a new phone released call the Samsung Omnia. this phone was by far the most expensive phone that we could sell in the stores. In addition, it had more features then most of our other phones combined. And that includes the iPhone. what blew my mind, was that no stores could sell the Omnia. I do not mean that we were not allowed to, I mean that they sound shelves for months at a time. this blew my mind when I took over management of the store in Virginia.

In short order I sold every Samsung Omnia I had in stock, and I began to request that all the other stores send them to me. I had absolutely no trouble whatsoever selling these incredible phones. And I had no trouble getting people to pay the pretty impressive price tag for them. and that time in the marketplace, it truly was the iPhone killer. so why did I have such access where everyone else failed? What was so unique about me and my sales strategy that gave me an advantage over every other salesman and manager?

Consider the answer to these questions as you begin to plan your plumbing marketing strategies. The Secret of My Success I knew everything about that phone. Not only did I know everything, but I will passionately love to that phone. I care that phone personally and was happy to show my customers everything my phone could do. And then I would compare a feature to feature with his competition and across-the-board my phone always come out on top.It was these techniques that allowed be to not only be the most successful salesman their store by volume, but I also got the biggest paydays. you cannot sell something that you do not know thoroughly, and that you do not believe in entirely.

You can see a principal in here that can be applied to your plumbing marketing as well. You have to know every feature that you are offering your customers, and do you have to be extremely passionate about those pictures. You have to know that you know that you know that we’re saving them time money and solving a real Felts need and their lives. Additionally you need to know your competition. You have to go to compare your services and your products against theirs. And you have to honestly ask yourself if you come out on top. If you’re not better than them then you better be cheaper than them.

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