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Plumbing Marketing | Don’t Hide
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I’m going to take us down a little bit of a weird track in our understanding of Plumbing marketing. Bear with me, because at the end of this I think it will make a lot of sense. As I said in other articles I am a big fan of telling stories as a way of highlighting a truth. I’ve also talked a lot about how I like to use biblical stories. For some, any story from the Bible is a little bit divisive, but hopefully we can look past that cuz they are so universally known. You can walk into almost any room and ask about a Bible story and most people will have some basic understanding and knowledge of it. I miss reality that I Rely as I write this article.

Go with me if you will to the Garden of Eden. The stage is set shortly after the creation of the world and all that is in it. God has created Adam Out of the Dust of the Earth and breathe life into him. he has also created Eve out of Adam’s Rib at the perfect helpmate partner to work alongside of Epic tend and care for the garden. in the story we have a paradise. There is no pain there is no suffering there are no troubles and, there are no toils. Life is easy with a capital e. food is always at the ready, and there are no dangers to be found in nature. Things are calm and things are innocent. In fact, these are so innocent that there is no knowledge of anything other than innocence. Good and evil have yet to be discovered.

Among things to be discovered or is also shame. Adam and Eve wandered around completely nude without any notion of self-consciousness. Consider the mind of the entrepreneur in this regard. As they Embark into this dream and vision of creating their own company and developing their own Plumbing marketing strategy it is also done from a place of Innocence without understanding of the world that is full of dangers. The expectation is that it will be easy and that food will be available and danger and risk never find them. unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

You may recall in the story of Adam and Eve there is but one rule. There is a tree in the middle of the garden that they are absolutely not allowed to eat from that is it. There are no other expectations other than to not eat of the Forbidden tree. This treaty oh, by the way, is the tree which provides them the knowledge of Good and Evil, and one of the things that comes with that it’s shame. But more on this later. nothing to recall is that although they my living in Paradise Temptation was still able to convince them to try something new.

Temptation will absolutely strike your company. I doubt that it will come in the form of a serpent trying to convince you to eat an apple yeah, but it will probably come in the form of a get-rich-quick scheme or in the Forum agreed, or laziness to not implement and track the strategies that Redmond growth provides. You must remain ever vigilant about this. Always check your motives and always consider the future and weigh the cost of every decision.

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