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Plumbing Marketing | New Shoes
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Investing in plumbing marketing is like investing in a pair of new shoes. I’ll bear with me for this one because it’s a now just going to feel like a little bit of a stretch. And honestly it probably is, but I think I can get there because I have been practicing my apologies, I’m doing better and better. Now I happen to have size 13 shoe and so I have to take a lot of attention to detail when I’m buying my shoes. Cuz when you have feet as large as mine fortunately have to order them often because you can run your feet and everything, also shoes my size tend to be more expensive and so you want to be picky.

I am Notoriously rough on shoes. so, up until very recently I’ve always had the strategy that I should buy cheap and often. so up until I was at least 30 years old I never bought in a shoe pair of shoes that were more than $60. And most commonly my shoes or realistically closer to the $20 mark unless they were dress shoes. My comment suppliers were Payless shoes and or Walmart. Needless to say my shoes consistently and constantly fell apart which left me consistently and constantly buying new pairs

I think I begin to learn a lesson. As a Christmas gift my wife bought me a very nice pair of genuine leather shoes. Billy shoes cost over $100, they have last me nearly two years. not only have the last me two years, but because they are genuine leather I can maintain them surprisingly simply. You can shine them in buffum and work them so that they become Nearly New Again. Historically that has not been the case for my shoes as you begin to wear them they literally rip and no amount of buffing or shining to fix them.

The same principle can be applied to your plumbing marketing. Sometimes it is better to buy for Quality because the longevity of the product rather than to buy the price because you will never get the results that you hope for. I recently was wearing a pair of my cheaper shoes and look down to find that have literally worked hole in the bottom of my shoes. I have no idea how that happened, but it did has my foot began to come out of the bottom of my shoe I realized it was time for me to start investing in better shoes.

What needs to fall apart in your plumbing marketing strategies before you begin to invest in a better pair of shoes. believe me, I completely understand the temptation of buying cheap and buying often. Both of the longevity of your company and it be respected by your clientele this is not always the best strategy. Sometimes it is truly better to buy once and Bi-Rite. This is a great reason to choose Redmond growth for all your marketing means alongside any other aspect of your business that could use a tune-up.

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