Plumbing Marketing | You’ll Never Fool Me Twice

Plumbing Marketing | Fool me Once
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While working through your plumbing marketing, you must remember the classic adage of” fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me” applies. Most mistakes are innocent enough and we’ll be unfortunately, in your business. But if you refuse to have a culture that learns from mistakes, you are setting yourself up for significant failure and heartache. Jacob was known to make a pretty significant amount of mistakes and bad judgement call. In fact, the bible is full of his glories and misadventures as well. Even with this incredibly flawed person, we learn a great deal. He never made the same mistake twice (unlike his brother Esau).

Perhaps a lesson to be learned is that if you have an employee who refuses to learn lessons, and continually makes the same mistakes, it is time to let them go. Also, if you have a vendor ( Laban) who is consistently trying to take advantage of you, it may be time to start looking for new vendors as soon as you are capable. my father was a wise man, but have very few sayings that he said often enough passed down through the generations. But one that he taught me, and I will teach my kids, is that “ people are no damn good”. if you allow it, people will try to take advantage of you.

There is a bright side to the story. One that I believe you can even apply to your plumbing marketing. Although Jacob did not love Leah, she was able to produce for him 7 children.Let us not forget that in ancient days of Israel being bloated produce a lot of children was once greatest goal in life. you make me ask me,” how does this apply to Plumbing marketing?” let me answer that question. As you begin your marketing strategy, you are going to have to cast a wide net. You may find that you are producing results where you did not suspect, or want to be producing them.

But if you are wise you will pay attention to that. You may find an unknown and very fertile soil for your strategies. You may have found an Avenue to reach her ideal in likely buyer that your competition has not yet found. almost all mistakes have a silver lining that can be found. Call mistakes have a lesson that can be learned. Successful business owners and operators are the one who diligently look through their mistakes to see if they can find those nuggets of wisdom those Treasures of strategy that can be found.

In summary, mistakes are going to happen. Take your opportunity to learn from them, and see if there’s a way that you can turn a mistake into a strong benefit for your company. And most of all, you should try to be sober when you say I do rarely great things happen when you make life-changing decisions while you are drunk. I would imagine this also applies to Plumbing marketing.

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